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75% of Abortion Clinics Closed: Jan. 2015 vs. 1991

In 1991 there were 2,176 surgical abortion clinics in America, yet today that number has declined to 551 -- the decline being most significant in the past few years.  In addition, there are currently 188 medication-only abortion facilities, down from 196 in 2012.  Although the total number of children killed annually by abortionists continues to decrease, the rate of killings per clinic has risen significantly.
“The only things that are preventing total collapse are court injunctions that are blocking several state abortion safety laws from being enforced. Once those laws clear the courts, we expect to see even more dangerous abortion facilities close.”
-- Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue
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UPDATE 9/13/15: Most Abortion Clinics May Close in South Carolina

UPDATE 4/7/15: Now Illegal to Rip Unborn Babies Limb From Limb in Kansas & Oklahoma

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-- From "US abortion clinics shutter to record low" by Sarah Ferris, The Hill 12/30/14

The number of abortion clinics across the country has shrunk by nearly one-quarter over the last five years, with 60 facilities shuttered in 2014 alone, according to new research . . . by the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue.

Clinic closures have spiked since the Republican wave of 2010, when the GOP took over the House and made gains in state legislatures around the country.

Since then, more than 200 new abortion rules have passed through state legislatures. The disappearance of the clinics comes as the rate of abortions nationwide continues its decades-long decline.

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From "60 Abortion Clnics Closed In 2014; Number Of Total Clinics A Quarter Less Than It Was 5 Years Ago" by Stephanie Castillo, Medical Daily 12/30/14

The survey confirmed 60 surgical abortion clinics were closed for all or part of 2014; 14 were allowed to reopen due to court action. This brings the total number of abortion clinics in the United States — surgical and medication-only — to 739, nearly a quarter less than the number of clinics open five years ago. Though a significant amount, it’s still less than the 93 closings reported in 2013.

Texas, unsurprisingly, reported the greatest number of closures after the U.S Supreme Court ruled the state “could begin enforcing restrictions on abortion clinics that critics of the new rules say will force all but seven of the facilities in the state to shut down.”

According to the [pro-abortion] Guttmatcher Institute, one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. And these women aren’t just sexually active teens who only account for 18 percent of total women who opt for the procedure. Women in their 20s account for more than half of all abortions, and 61 percent of abortions are obtained by women with one or more children.

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From "73 Abortion Facilities Shut Down in 2014, 75% of Abortion Clinics Closed Since 1991" by Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue posted at 12/29/14

Out of 60 surgical abortion clinic closures [in 2014], 47 were permanent. This represents a 23% decline in surgical abortion facilities over the past five years.

Thirteen surgical facilities were allowed to reopen after initially closing, primarily due to court action that enjoined abortion safety laws that had shut down the substandard facilities.

Thirteen facilities that provided only medication abortions account for the remaining closures in 2014. That more than doubles the number of medication abortion facilities that closed in 2013 when six were shuttered.

Closures far outpaced clinic openings. Fifteen facilities either added surgical abortions or opened for the first time. Thirteen clinics, primarily Planned Parenthood centers, added medication abortions to clinics that previously did not provide them. Eight clinics that formerly provided surgical abortions made the decision to halt those procedures, but continue to sell medication abortions.

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From "Abortion industry on verge of 'implosion'" posted at World Net Daily 12/29/14

[Troy Newman said,] “As abortion facilities continue to close, abortion numbers continue to fall. While national abortion numbers remain incomplete, the average number of abortions decreases by about 3 percent annually. However, state statistics show that the drop in abortions that is more pronounced in areas where there are abortion clinic closures.

“For example, in Ohio, four abortion facilities closed in 2013, the most recent year for which abortion figures are available. During that year, the number of abortions dropped by nine percent – three times the average national drop in abortion numbers.”

“No matter how one views the numbers, they show that we are winning,” said Newman. “As the truth about abortion abuses and other dangers become public and are followed by new laws that increase protections for women and their babies, we can only expect the decline of the abortion cartel to continue until it collapses altogether.”

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