Monday, October 13, 2014

Learn to be Abortionist in 6-weeks, Free Online

These are difficult times for abortion advocates . . .

With the ever-decreasing supply of licensed abortionists in the United States, the abortion industry is desperate to lure physicians into their child-killing trade — ergo, the first-ever online training course offered by the University of California (UCSF) begins today.  However, this course is not as much about medical training as it is indoctrination in the sexual revolution/abortion culture.

“I think that if we can inspire even a small portion of the people who take the course to take steps in their communities to increase access to safe abortion and decrease stigma about abortion, then we have been totally successful.”
--  Dr. Jody Steinauer, Associate Professor in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco
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-- From "UCSF Online Abortion Course Aims To Teach What Most OB-GYN Schools Aren't — Quality Care And Public Health Implications" by Anthony Rivas, Medical Daily 10/6/14

It’s meant to offer a more in-depth view of abortion, delving into the reasons abortion is stigmatized, clinical practices for safe abortions, and “the professional obligations of health care practitioners to ensure that women have access to safe abortion care,” the website for the class says.

Obviously, these are aspects of abortion that should already be taught to health care providers. But [course author Dr. Jody] Steinauer sees major gaps in the health education structure. These gaps begin early, with disparities in the way kids learn about sex, pregnancy, and abortion in schools. According to the Guttmacher Institute, only 13 states require that teachers inform their students about the negative outcomes of teen sex and pregnancy. Meanwhile, 25 states mandate teachers to stress abstinence, while 19 states emphasize having sex only after marriage. Seems counterintuitive to teaching women (and men) about their health, and more geared toward avoiding the subject.

But avoiding the subject continues later on in universities and medical schools, where coursework on abortion can be limited, with some courses only devoting one session to the subject. Even people who aspire to be gynecologists or obstetricians, who are mandated to learn at least something about inducing abortions, can opt out on the basis of religion or moral objections. Under that same loophole, universities can send students to other institutions for those classes. These gaps have led 25 percent of ob-gyn clerkships in the U.S. to report no formal abortion training, The Daily Beast reported. Steinauer’s course aims to educate those who are missing out.

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From "The Internet’s First Abortion Class" by Samantha Allen, The Daily Beast 10/6/14

. . . abortion education in U.S. medical schools and public health programs in the United States is still in lackluster shape. While the Guttmacher Institute estimates that 30 percent of American women will have an abortion by the age of 45, a 2005 review of U.S. medical school curricula on abortion revealed that less than a third of schools include a single lecture focused on abortion during the clinical years. A 2009 survey also found that a full third of North American medical schools do not include abortion education in preclinical courses either.

[Dr.] Steinauer’s own approach to abortion education stresses two inevitabilities that she believes must be loudly acknowledged and accepted before meaningful education can take place: “Unintended pregnancies happen and women will access abortion.” . . .

The course will encourage students, she says, to “really reflect on your feelings about abortion... and then, take time to think about how you can best serve your community.” One assignment will ask students to “write about their feelings about abortion and how they should manage them.”

. . . The Internet could be exactly what abortion education needs to move forward in the 21st century.

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From "University launches first-ever online abortion course" by Jennifer Kabbany, The College Fix Editor 10/9/14

The free, six-week class, titled “Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications,” is offered through the university’s partnership with Coursera, an educational technology company that joins forces with universities to offer a wide variety of Massive Open Online Courses. While it is designed for “any clinician, physician, health care worker or student who will care for women of reproductive age,” it’s open to anyone.

“Each week’s lectures will incorporate the stories of women who seek abortion in order to better portray abortion significance and rationale,” its outline states. “Other topics will include a brief history of abortion, the clinical aspects of medication and procedural abortions in and after the first trimester, an overview of patient-centered abortion-care, the basics of abortion counseling, the professional obligations of health care practitioners to ensure that women have access to safe abortion care, and the maze of restrictions that make safe abortion care inaccessible to many women.”

The class has been hailed by left-leaning news outlets as revolutionary and vital . . .

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From "UCSF Pioneers On-Line Abortion Course" by Randall K. O’Bannon, NRL Director of Education & Research, posted at National Right to Life News Today 10/7/14

An on-line syllabus spends portions of weeks 3 and 4 addressing “Clinical aspects of medication abortion, aspiration abortion, post-abortion contraception, and pain management of abortion” and then “Clinical aspects of abortion after the first trimester.” But a large portion of the course seems devoted to the “History of abortion and abortion stigma” (Week 1), “Values clarification about abortion care” (Week 2), “Legislative and policy obstacles to abortion access” (Week 3),“Obstacles to Accessing Safe Abortion in the US and Worldwide” (Week 4), and “Overcoming Obstacles to Abortion Access” (Week 5).

. . . Nowhere in the [above Daily Beast] interview does Steinauer seem to acknowledge that the resistance of students and medical schools, the “stigma” and the negative emotions, may stem from the fact that many people recognize that abortion is the killing of human beings, something people find not just morally repulsive, but totally inconsistent with the practice of medicine, which is supposed to be dedicated to the preservation of human life.

It is unclear whether or not Steinauer expects students of the on-line course to consider themselves trained to do abortions and immediately begin offering them, pursue more direct training, or just become advocates.

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