Friday, October 31, 2014

Tenn. School Denies Teaching Islam, Slams FOX News

After FOX News reported that the 8-year-old son of Sommer Bauer received a Nation of Islam handout from his Harold McCormick Elementary School in the small Tennessee town of Elizabethton, school Superintendent Ed Alexander immediately went ballistic on the media reports, saying that the boy swiped an errant sheet of paper from the teacher's table.  Now, other children claim they, too were handed the anti-American Islamic propaganda that depicted the Mount Rushmore presidents as racists.

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-- From "Mother, superintendent respond to school's Nation of Islam handout" by Olivia Caridi, WCYB-TV5 (Bristol, TN) 10/29/14

[Sommer Bauer] says she was contacted by Fox News, but wanted to talk to the principal beforehand. "I just wanted to know if it was an honest mistake that this was printed off and given to the students in the classroom, or is it part of the curriculum?" she says.

Her son told her that the class divided into four small groups that day for a Mount Rushmore activity, and the handout was one they were told to study.

[Supt.] Alexander says he's now dealing with something that's blown up nationally. "Thinking that we as a school system would promote Islam, Islamic nation, anti-patriotism, defame the presidents of the United States that are on Mount Rushmore, doing these things, indoctrinating our children, that's absurd," he says.

Alexander told News 5 that lesson plans by teachers are checked every week by principals, and that the legitimate Mount Rushmore materials that the teachers used in the small groups were included in the third grade student standards.

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From "Elizabethton director says Mount Rushmore sheet should not have been in classroom" by John Thompson, Elizabethton Bureau Chief for Johnson City Press 10/30/14

Alexander said he spent much of the past three days investigating the incident and determining what actions to take.

One thing he did agree with Fox was that the National of Islam document should not have been in the classroom.

Alexander said that while the Fox News story on Monday was accurate in reporting the boy had been in possession of a document he had taken from school, he went on to say on Tuesday that “what was reported (which had been rebutted prior to the airing) was misleading and totally incorrect. I can only think it was shown for its sensational effect. Sadly, regardless of any follow-up report, our system has been defamed.”

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From "Elizabethton Director Alexander says FOX News report on schools not fair, not balanced" by John Thompson, Elizabethton Bureau Chief for Johnson City Press 10/28/14

[Supt.] Alexander said the principal told him the whole thing started because a teacher preparing for a teacher observation Sept. 27 was doing research on Mount Rushmore for the lesson. The teacher conducted a widespread search of the Internet for information on Mount Rushmore.

One of the items printed for background information for the teacher observation was a Nation of Islam article on what it takes to be placed on Mount Rushmore. The article depicted the four presidents there — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln — as racists.

Alexander said he told [FOX News' Todd] Starnes the teacher read the document and discarded it onto a separate table next to the teacher’s desk. Alexander said “the student, without permission, took the sheet from a ‘ton’ of discarded teacher’s material on that table. Then the student took it home and gave it to the parent.”

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From "Second Parent: My child got Nation of Islam paper, too" by Todd Starnes, 10/28/14

The [second] parent asked not to be identified to protect her child. She told me she came forward because of how the school is treating Mrs. Bauer’s son.

“I don’t want this little boy to be looked at as a liar,” the parent said. “As of right now that’s what all of these adults are making this boy out to be – and that makes me sick to my stomach.”

According to the parent, the children were separated into four groups. Each group was given two “sheets of paper.”

“The teacher held up each one and said, ‘These do not go home. These are just to use here,” the parent told me.

The Nation of Islam “sheet ” explained that George Washington hailed from Virginia, a “prime breeder of black people.” Of Theodore Roosevelt, it was alleged he called Africans “ape-like.” There were also disparaging comments made about Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

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