Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cutting Okla. Abortions in Half: Judges OK New Law

Abortionists lost in courts twice last week as Oklahoma judges declined to issue injunctions against new state laws requiring abortion clinics to ensure the safety of women (but not their babies), which will result in the closure of one clinic that accounts for nearly half of all abortions in the state.

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-- From "Oklahoma: Challenge to Abortion Law Denied" by Erik Eckholm, New York Times 10/24/14

A state judge declined on Friday to block a law requiring doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. The Center for Reproductive Rights, which had challenged the law on behalf of Dr. Larry A. Burns of Norman, said it was filing an emergency appeal with the State Supreme Court.

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From "Judge Rules That Abortion Doctors Must Have Admitting Privileges" by The Associated Press 10/24/14

Oklahoma County District Judge Bill Graves ruled Friday against a legal challenge on behalf of a Norman clinic that performs nearly half of the abortions in the state.

Attorneys for Dr. Larry Burns say the law [Senate Bill 1848] could force him to shut down his practice. They say he's applied for admitting privileges at 16 hospitals without success. His practice performs about 44 percent of abortions in the state, and is one of only three in Oklahoma.

But Graves denied the request for a temporary injunction that would have put the law on hold.

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From "Judge refuses to block challenged law putting restrictions on abortions" by Barbara Hoberock, Tulsa World Capitol Bureau 10/25/14

[Dr. Larry Burns, whose Norman, OK clinic opened in 1974,] alleged it violated the constitutional requirement that bills contain one subject. He also alleged it violated the ban on special laws because it singled out abortion doctors for special treatment.

He was seeking to put the law on hold pending the outcome of the challenge. The law takes effect Nov. 1.

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From "Oklahoma County judge rules against abortion doctor in effort to put new law on hold" by Nolan Clay, The Oklahoman 10/25/14

Graves refused Friday to issue either a temporary restraining order or temporary injunction. In a four-page order, the judge found the doctor failed to show he is likely to succeed on the merits of his constitutional claims.

The judge criticized the doctor for waiting until mid-July — 51 days after Gov. Mary Fallin signed the law in May — before applying for admitting privileges at the first of the 16 hospitals.

The judge also noted that Burns could comply with the law by simply hiring another doctor who already had admitting privileges to be at the clinic when abortions are performed.

In 2013 alone, by the doctor’s own count, he performed abortions for 2,046 women.

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From "Oklahoma judge allows law banning abortion pills to take effect" by Heide Brandes, Reuters 10/22/14

An Oklahoma judge said on Wednesday he will allow a law that bans abortion-inducing drugs [RU-486] to take effect as planned on Nov. 1, over the objections of abortion rights advocates who said the measure is poor public health policy that could put women at risk.

Oklahoma District Court Judge Robert Stuart turned down a request by abortion rights groups to halt the measure from taking effect. Stuart also allowed a provision that would limit liability claims against physicians due to the law.

Earlier this year, lawmakers in the heavily Republican state approved new restrictions on abortion clinics they said were aimed at protecting women's health, but abortion rights advocates said were actually intended to shut clinics.

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From "Judge Lets Oklahoma Ban Abortion Drugs" by David Lee, Courthouse News Service 10/22/14

Signed into law in April, HB 2684 bans off-label use of FDA-approved abortion drugs and requires that a physician provide surgical care and access to medical facilities to prescribe such drugs.

The plaintiffs claimed the law places "burdensome and arbitrary" restrictions on medical care for abortions.

"If the act is allowed to take effect, some women will be prevented altogether from terminating an early pregnancy by using medication alone, and others will be deprived of the safest and most effective methods of doing so," the 5-page motion states.

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From "Abortion advocates lose one in Oklahoma" by Charlie Butts, 10/24/14

The bill being challenged simply requires that abortionists use the drug according to Federal Drug Administration protocols – and as expected, pro-abortion groups filed suit in federal court. The groups asked Oklahoma District Court Judge Robert Stuart to issue an injunction against the law, which is set to take effect November 1.

OneNewsNow talked with State Representative Randy Grau, sponsor of the bill, who says Judge Stuart "rejected that [argument] and ... said they didn't have any compelling argument or reason to keep this law from going into effect."

Grau adds that while Oklahoma is looking to provide protection for women using the drug, "what [abortion advocates] want is unfettered access."

But the legal battle isn't over. The state and out-of-state lawyers for the abortion industry are now preparing to argue the case in federal court.

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