Sunday, May 26, 2013

Obama DOJ Forces Employees to Celebrate Deviancy

An internal Department of Justice memo E-mailed to all employees, which has been leaked publicly, provides guidelines for implementing the Gay Agenda in the workplace with no respect for Christians' right of conscience.  Although the document isn't explicitly mandatory, it warns employees that Big Brother will be monitoring their every action, thus forcing compliance through intimidation.

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-- From "Department of Justice Pressuring Staff to Affirm Homosexuality" by Dave Bohon, The New American 5/24/13

A whistleblower from the Department of Justice has come forward to expose a campaign by the Obama Administration's Justice Department (DOJ) to pressure its employees to affirm homosexuality. Matt Staver of the Liberty Council, a Virginia-based conservative legal advocacy group, reported that the DOJ employee provided his group with a brochure, entitled LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers, that was e-mailed to all DOJ employees. . . . [Click here for a .PDF of the brochure.]

The memorandum warns DOJ staff to “assume that LGBT employees and their allies are listening to what you're saying (whether in a meeting or around the proverbial water cooler) and will read what you're writing (whether in a casual email or in a formal document.” The implication is unmistakeable: DOJ employees are to be forewarned that their language must be “inclusive and respectful” of LGBT persons and might even be used against them if it is not.

. . . Subtle pressure by supervisors on employees who may be inclined to consider homosexuality as unhealthy and detrimental — Christians, for example — is to be preferred over filing grievances or turning to federal rules implemented for “protected” classes of employees like homosexuals. . . .

Managers are also strongly encouraged to make sure homosexual employees get a foot up on advancing through the ranks of DOJ employees. . . .

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From "DOJ forces employees to affirm 'gay' agenda" by Jerome R. Corsi, World Net Daily 5/24/13

WND can find no similar “sensitivity brochure” distributed by DOJ that emphasizes the First Amendment religious freedom rights of Christians employed by who object to LGBT lifestyles on the grounds of their religious beliefs.

The document poses a possible conflict of interest. The current president of DOJ Pride [the homosexual advocacy group that authored the memo] is an attorney employed in the DOJ office responsible for hiring and firing attorneys and adjudicating cases involving DOJ whistleblowers.

The DOJ’s distribution to managers of the DOJ Pride document implies that those who fail to actively support LGBT lifestyles are in violation of DOJ employment policy, perhaps to the point of losing their jobs or promotion opportunities.

The DOJ Pride document makes no mention of God or of the possibility that DOJ managers or employees might have a personal objection to LGBT lifestyles that that is protected by the First Amendment rights to freedom of religion and expression.

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From "Justice Department: Employees must affirm homosexuality" by J. Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action 5/20/13

. . . For Christians and other morals-minded federal employees, it’s no longer enough to just shut up and “stay in the closet” – to live your life in silent recognition of biblical principles (which, by itself, is unlawful constraint). When it comes to mandatory celebration of homosexual and cross-dressing behaviors, “silence will be interpreted as disapproval,” [the DOJ memo states].

This lawless administration is now ordering federal employees – against their will – to affirm sexual behaviors that every major world religion, thousands of years of history and uncompromising human biology reject.

This “DOJ Pride” directive is but the latest example of the “progressive” climate of fear and intimidation this radical Obama regime has created for Christians, conservatives and other values-oriented folks, both within and without the workplace.

Somewhere, right now, George Orwell is smiling.

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