Wednesday, May 29, 2013

75% of Maryland Abortion Clinics Fail Inspections

Twelve of the 16 abortion clinics were found to be in violation of the 2012 updated state regulations by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOH), and four of the 16 received emergency suspension of their licenses to protect “public health, safety or welfare.”

Meanwhile, former Planned Parenthood nurses
Joyce Vasikonis and Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich are testifying before the Delaware state legislature about the “ridiculously” unsafe and filthy conditions while they worked at the abortion clinic -- video:

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-- From "Md. Health Department Investigation Finds Deficiencies at 12 Abortion Clinics" posted at WRC-TV4 (Washington, DC) 5/25/13

An investigation by Maryland health officials into the state's 16 surgical abortion facilities found that 12 were deficient in some respect . . .

Among the issues found at the 12 clinics were lapses in providing information about the professional credentials of physicians, maintaining a sanitary environment, and providing a discharge diagnosis into the medical record.

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From "Abortion clinics lose licenses again" by Andrea K. Walker, The Baltimore Sun 5/24/13

State health regulators suspended the licenses of several abortion clinics owned by Associates in OB/GYN Care for the second time after an employee with no health care license or certification gave a patient a drug to induce an abortion at the Baltimore facility.

The same employee also performed an ultrasound on the woman, although the employee wasn't trained in the procedure, according to records released Friday by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. There also was no physician at the clinic, even though the woman had scheduled an appointment for a May 4 procedure.

The state's Office of Health Care Quality investigated the clinic and suspended its license after receiving an anonymous complaint about the patient's treatment on May 7. The agency also examined operations at clinics owned by OB/GYN Care in Cheverly, Frederick and Silver Spring and suspended the licenses of those clinics as well.

The investigation found that it was standard protocol at the clinics to administer the drug Misoprostol to induce an abortion in patients in the 11th week of pregnancy or later, even if the patient had not been seen by a doctor and there was no physician at the clinic.

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From "Four Maryland abortion clinic licenses suspended: woman died at one clinic" by John Jalsevac, 5/24/13

The previous closure of three of the clinics in early March followed the discovery by state inspectors that a woman had died at Associates in OB/GYN Care’s Baltimore facility. While the woman was said to have died from an underlying condition, inspectors had learned that the abortionist and staff at the facility weren't certified in CPR, and a defibrillator at the clinic didn’t work.

The state decided to inspect the clinics following an anonymous complaint regarding the treatment of this client.

The Department of Health's letter announcing the license suspensions also revealed that the abortion clinics have not "provided acceptable plans of correction for all of the deficiencies" discovered during inspection.

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From "Md: ‘No deficiencies’ found in care of woman who died after abortion" by Lena H. Sun, Washington Post 5/24/13

In the case of the Germantown clinic, the health department began an investigation shortly after the woman’s death Feb. 7 [of 29-year-old Jennifer McKenna Morbelli]. Officials interviewed clinic staff, reviewed medical records and the clinic’s policies and procedures, and consulted with the state medical examiner’s office.

In a letter Friday to state legislative leaders, health department officials said they “identified no deficiencies with respect to this complaint.”

But the department did find numerous deficiencies at Germantown Reproductive Health Services during its broader inspection of all surgical abortion clinics.

At the Germantown clinic, nurses were not properly trained to give sedation medication. The clinic’s medical director was not properly credentialed. One nurse’s license had expired the year before.

Inspectors also found that the clinic failed to develop and put in place policies and procedures for emergencies if patients had to be transferred to a hospital. . . .

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