Saturday, May 18, 2013

Media Say Law Forces Christians into Gay Agenda

Another Christian baker has refused to make a cake for a same-sex "wedding" in Oregon.  In this case, a lesbian couple found a Christian, Pam Regentin, owner of Fleur Cakes in Mt. Hood, who would hold to the Bible.  The lesbians were in front of local TV news cameras within hours; the news reporter informed Regentin that she was in violation of state law for discrimination against lesbians.
“If you are a business owner you are allowed to refuse service – you know: no shirt, no shoes, no service – it’s completely legal. Only, it’s not legal when the person being denied service is a member of a protected class.”
-- Jeff Manning, Communications Director, Oregon Department of Justice
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Colorado baker and myriad other Christians sued in states with same-sex unions/marriage laws.

UPDATE 2/22/14: Homosexualists Admit Goal to End Religious Liberty

UPDATE 8/7/13: Church Sued Weeks After 'Gay Marriage' Legalized

-- From "Hood River, Ore., bakery won’t make cake for lesbians" by The Associated Press 5/15/13

Erin Hanson and Katie Pugh told KATU when they went for a tasting at Fleur Cakes, owner Pam Regentin refused service because of the same-sex wedding.

Regentin said despite anti-discrimination law, she believes she has “the liberty to live by my principles.”

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From "Local Cake Baker’s Gay Marriage Cake Denial Hits National News" by Julie Raefield-Gobbo, Hood River News 5/17/13

“I did not discriminate against her based on her sexual orientation. I told her I was willing to make her a birthday cake or anything else that she wanted but I could not provide her a wedding cake when same sex marriage was not legal in Oregon,” [Regentin said].

According to Manning, if the businessperson clearly states that the denial is tied to the person’s protected status, that becomes discrimination – an action prohibited in Oregon under ORS 659A.403 and actionable under the BOLI consumer protection department.

Protected class status applies to identified race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status or age.

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From "Another Voice: Cake Maker States That She Stands On Principle" by Pam Regentin, owner of Fleur Cakes 5/17/13

I take my position from my religious principles . . .

I do want to take this time to comment on the means with which this now vitriolic and bitter attack on me has played out.

. . . In the wake of the rapidly spreading misrepresentations, groups of people have organized under the banner of the greater good to attack my business; my personal and business Facebook pages; and my personal blog.

Some people, not including Katie Pugh or her partner, are spreading my contact information to others, encouraging personal attacks and bullying. I have been receiving voice mails and email messages wishing for the destruction of my business and my own death.

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It comes down to Religious Liberty vs. Anti-Christian Totalitarianism in America