Monday, May 06, 2013

Obama Funds Condom Delivery Service to Pre-teens

The California Family Health Council publicly thanked President Obama for increasing the federal Title X funding to $327 million to "qualified health centers to provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care services..." -- thus funding The Condom Access Project that allows children as young as twelve to order condoms on-line with no questions asked.
"I would ask parents the question, 'Who should be making decisions for the best welfare of your child -- you as a parent, or the state, who has no direct connection, has no understanding, has no relationship with your child?'"
-- Pastor Chris Clark (San Diego area)
For background, read Free Condoms to 11-year-olds from Philly Government and also read School Policy: Condoms to Kids Old Enough to Ask as well as Teen Sex Performance Education in New York

-- From "State program delivers condoms to pre-teens" by Christian De La Rosa, Reporter, KSWB-TV5 (San Diego) 5/1/13

Teens can getup to 10 condoms delivered to their doorstep at no cost and in confidential packaging.

California law allows teens to gain access to contraceptives without parental consent.

In its first year, C.A.P. has already distributed 30 thousand condoms across the state.

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From "Free condoms for your 12-year-old? California health council can help" by Holly Yan, CNN 5/2/13

As part of the project, anyone between 12 and 19 years old in those counties can confidentially request a pack of 10 condoms online, up to once a month. It's similar to Planned Parenthood programs that offer free condoms to teens who come to the organization's health centers.

With each order, teens also receive personal lubricant to reduce breakage as well as educational information, said the California Family Health Council, which runs the Condom Access Project.

"Despite broad retail availability, teens continue to face many barriers to accessing condoms," such as embarrassment, cost and confidentiality, the council said.

The health council says it operates the country's largest Title X system in the country, providing sexual and reproductive health care for more than 1 million Californians a year. It also receives support from grants and individual and corporate donations, the group said.

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