Monday, April 22, 2013

CBS Gives Voice to Atheists, Heretics, & Apostates

CBS News latest foray into American religion is the 30-minute broadcast Religion & Spirituality in a Changing Society wherein a variety of liberal "christians," humanists, atheists, hedonists, homosexualists, feminists and pagans explain how America is rejecting Bible-based (real) Christianity.

John P. “Jack” Blessington, the program's part-time executive producer of CBS News (and part-time school headmaster), says that his broadcast career has offered him “the largest classroom that I’ll ever have.”

This CBS News indoctrination piece equates the reelection of President Bush in 2004 (said to be caused by Evangelical Christians) and the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal, to the 9/11 terrorist attack against America -- all three jolted Americans into an anti-religion phase.

That sounds familiar: Obama's Army Says Christians are Worst Terrorists

For background on such propaganda, read The Religious Left 'Taste' the Millennium in Obama and also read Obama's National Cathedral is the Seat of Apostasy as well as Biblical Prayer Stricken from Obama Inauguration

But don't worry, President Obama Denies Leading a War Against Christianity

-- From "For CBS producer, sharing beliefs is key" by Linda Bloom, United Methodist News Service 4/1/13

[John P. “Jack”] Blessington, the long-time executive producer of the CBS Religion and Culture series, will receive a special Wilbur award April 6 from the Religion Communicators Council during the council’s 84th annual convention.

The special award recognizes his contributions to public discussions of faith topics for more than 30 years, demonstrating, as Douglas F. Cannon, a United Methodist communicator and RCC president points out, “that faith topics can be approached as news and are not boring.”

Blessington likes to allow believers to share the stories of their own faith. “I am a church-attending Roman Catholic who argues for ecumenism,” he told United Methodist News Service in a recent interview.

Since 1989, Religion and Culture has worked with members of the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission to develop programming. “We try to find out what the people of various religions believe and what they do to help each other and help mankind,” Blessington said.

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