Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fetuses Plugged Kermit The Abortionist's Toilet

While President Obama was in Boston speaking of Americans choosing life over those “who would visit death upon innocents” and saying that “we come together to celebrate life,” witnesses testified at the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell of live babies in his abortion clinic toilet being killed.  Although Barack Obama has often spoke in support of late-term abortionists like Gosnell, this week he said “Well, I’m familiar with it. I can’t comment on it because it’s an active trial.”

For obvious reasons, the mainstream media has failed to fully report this trial.

Read background on the Gosnell trial.

-- From "President Obama ‘familiar’ with Kermit Gosnell trial" by Katie Glueck, Politico 4/17/13

President Barack Obama reaffirmed his commitment to abortion rights as he stressed the importance of “medical ethics” in an exclusive interview with NBC’s “Today” show when he weighed in on the trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

In the interview, he noted that he was “familiar” with the trial of Gosnell, which has sparked outrage from some on both sides of the political spectrum, as many on the right — and some on the left — have charged that the mainstream media has not sufficiently covered the case, which involves gruesome allegations including of murder. Obama said he couldn’t comment, however.

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From "Obama in the Cathedral: 'We Come Together to Celebrate Life'" by Terence P. Jeffrey, 4/18/13

The president was speaking at in interfaith prayer service for those who killed or injured by the bombing at Monday’s Boston Marathon.

“You showed us Boston that in the face of evil, Americans will lift up what is good,” said Obama. “In the face of cruelty, we will choose compassion. In the face of those who would visit death upon innocents we will choose to save to comfort and to heal. We will choose friendship. We will choose love.”

“We build and we work and we love and we raise our kids to do the same,” Obama said. “And we come together to celebrate life and to walk our cities . . .

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From "Kermit Gosnell Murder Trial Update: Phila. abortion clinic worker says she saw more than 14 babies born alive" by Associated Press & CBS News 4/19/13

Prosecutors chose 28-year-old Kareema Cross as their final witness before resting their case against Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Cross said she saw more than 10 babies breathe, with their chests moving up and down.

"I thought they were breathing," Cross testified. "He would say they're not really breathing."

Cross also described seeing three babies move, one after being born in a toilet, and heard a fourth give a "soft whine." Gosnell explained the movements as a last reflex amid the death process, she said.

She said Gosnell and others snipped the backs of the babies' necks after they were born "to ensure fetal demise." And she described the clinic as filthy and the equipment as outdated.

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From "Gosnell Trial Witness: Baby Abortion Survivor Was 'Swimming' in Toilet 'Trying to Get Out'" by Elizabeth Harrington, 4/18/13

Adrienne Moton, an employee at the clinic, then took the baby [from the toilet] and snipped the back of its neck while the mother was still in the room.

. . . [Another] baby was born alive, [while the mother, Shayquana] Abrams was sleeping.  Cross said Dr. Gosnell took the baby boy, which she described as 12 to 18 inches long, and put him inside a plastic container the size of a shoebox.

“The baby was still breathing,” she said. “He didn’t cut the neck right there.”

The baby was too big for the plastic container, with his arms and legs hanging over the sides.

“The Doctor cut the back of the baby’s neck but didn’t do suction—normally Dr. Gosnell would do suction … to suck the brains out,” Cross said.

“I called people over to come see it [the baby] and we took pictures,” she said.

The baby boy had curled himself into the fetal position and laid on his side in the box.  An image of the baby taken by Cross was shown to the court, showing him laying lifeless on his side.

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From "Toilet In Abortion Clinic Needed to be Lifted to ‘Get the Fetuses Out of the Pipes’" by Michael W. Chapman, 4/19/13

If “a baby was about to come out, I would take the woman to the bathroom, they would sit on the toilet and basically the baby would fall out and it would be in the toilet and I would be rubbing her back and trying to calm her down for two, three, four hours until Dr. Gosnell comes,” [clinic worker Latosha] Lewis told the grand jury.

Gosnell preferred to have the babies expel “because it made his job easier,” reads the [grand jury] report, which adds, “If fetuses had not precipitated, Gosnell would often have his staff physically push them out of their mothers by pressing in the mother’s abdomens.”

The report continues: “James Johnson, who supposedly cleaned the clinic and bagged its infectious waste, confirmed Lewis’s account. He testified that sometimes patients ‘miscarried or whatever it was’ into the toilet and clogged it.”

“He described how he had to lift the toilet so that someone else – he said it was too disgusting for him – could get the fetuses out of the pipes,” reads the grand jury report.

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