Sunday, April 14, 2013

Planned Parenthood's Goal is to Defraud Taxpayers

"The weight of evidence indicates widespread waste, abuse, and potential fraud by Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide, and suggests that such policies may be the result of an orchestrated scheme by Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s headquarters in New York City."

UPDATE 8/9/13: Federal Government Probes Planned Parenthood for Fraud

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-- From "Updated Report Alleges Continued Abuse, Potential Fraud by Planned Parenthood" by Dave Bohon, The New American 4/13/13

The conservative legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom has updated its 2011 investigative report to the U.S. Congress on Planned Parenthood, charging the abortion giant, along with other “family planning” groups, with abuse, waste, and potential fraud totaling over $100 million in tax funding.

. . . The report offers details on 12 known audits or other reviews of the financial data of Planned Parenthood affiliates, along with over 40 audits of state family planning programs and organizations. According to the ADF, those audits uncovered a total of more than $108 million in waste, abuse, and potential fraud.

The updated report also outlines several whistleblower lawsuits against Planned Parenthood affiliates around the nation. . . .

The updated ADF report urges Congress to continue its investigation into the misuse of tax dollars by Planned Parenthood and other “family planning” groups. The ultimate goal is the complete federal defunding of Planned Parenthood.

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From "Planned Parenthood’s Waste, Abuse, and Potential Fraud" report by Alliance Defending Freedom 4/10/13

. . . Planned Parenthood’s primary motivation is to take advantage of “overbilling” opportunities to maximize its revenues in complex, well-funded federal and state programs that are understaffed and rely on the integrity of the provider for program compliance.

Thus, Planned Parenthood’s primary motivation appears not to be to provide quality healthcare to patients who seek family planning services, but rather to enhance its profits.

. . . twelve state audits found numerous improper practices resulting in significant Title XIX-Medicaid overpayments of over $8 million to Planned Parenthood affiliates for family planning and reproductive health services claims.

Furthermore, forty-five federal audits of state family planning programs by HHS-OIG found between nearly $100 million in overbilling ($99,718,852). The federal audits detailed “unbundling” billing schemes related to pre-abortion examinations, counseling visits, and other services performed in conjunction with an abortion; and improper billing for the abortions themselves.

. . . Two of these federal audits specifically identified Planned Parenthood – and only Planned Parenthood – as the problem in state family planning program overbilling.

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From "Planned Parenthood defrauded Washington State taxpayers of $377 million, lawsuit claims" by Ben Johnson, 3/20/13

According to the suit [by Jonathan Bloedow], Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest asked the state for more reimbursement funds than it is entitled to for contraceptives and abortifacient Plan B “emergency contraception.”

Bloedow said he discovered “repeated false, fraudulent, and/or ineligible claims for reimbursement” to Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services and its Health and Recovery Services Administration, which runs the state's Title XIX Medicaid program. Bloedow discovered the fraud through using state open records requests.

Taxpayer reimbursement of Planned Parenthood has outraged pro-life American citizens, who point to Planned Parenthood's abortion work and who say that such funding is not authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

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