Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Teen Sex in New York, There's an App for That

Mayor Bloomberg's nanny government now provides teenagers with everything they always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask their parents.  The smart phone app software tells kids where to get free contraceptives, STD testing, pregnancy testing, abortifacients, and educates them in the "right way" to have sex.
"There are some teens who can't or don't feel they can talk to their parents, and yet they are sexually active, and they are at risk of unintended pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases,"
-- Health Department Assistant Commissioner Deborah Kaplan
How do you get pregnant unintentionally?

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The app fits the business model: Planned Parenthood Lures Teen clients via Texting

-- From "NYC launches app for sexually active teens" by David Seifman, City Hall Bureau Chief, New York Post 3/30/13

The Bloomberg administration has launched an app intended to reduce teen pregnancy called “Teens in NYC Protection+” that provides a wealth of health data for kids who are — or are thinking about becoming — sexually active, The Post has learned.

Information about everything from free clinics for HIV and STD testing to receiving condoms and emergency contraception is just a touch away on a smartphone.

“Teens in New York state have a legal right to get sexual-health services without the permission of parents, guardians, boyfriends, girlfriends, relatives or anyone else,” the [NYC Health Department] site advises.

There’s also promotional material by teens for teens, some barely out of junior high school.

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From "New York sex advice app for teens prompts mixed reaction" posted at CBS News 4/2/13

"I'm a big proponent of parental consent," said Frank Russo, president of the American Family Association of New York.

Russo said he approves neither of the app nor of the fact that parents do not have to be consulted.

High school student Samantha McEvoy said kids already have access to iPhones to download similar apps.

"They might see it and think it's OK," she said.

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