Friday, January 11, 2013

U.S. Military Fights Christians, NOT Jihadists

Browsing news reports demonstrates that the emphasis of a military establishment commanded by President Obama is winning the Gay Agenda battle, rather than defending the nation from foreign enemies.

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UPDATE 6/8/13: Congress Counters Obama's Military Attack on Christians

-- From "Marine Corps Orders Full Embrace of Same-Sex Couples" by David Crary, Associated Press 1/10/13 January 10, 2013

The [legal] memo noted that spouses clubs and various other private institutions are allowed to operate on bases only if they adhere to a non-discrimination policy encompassing race, religion, gender, age, disability and national origin.

“We would interpret a spouses club’s decision to exclude a same-sex spouse as sexual discrimination because the exclusion was based upon the spouse’s sex,” the memo said.

A Marine Corps spokesman, Capt. Eric Flanagan, said the Marines cannot directly control the actions of independent organizations such as spouses’ clubs, but added, “We expect that all who are interested in supporting Marine Corps Family Readiness would be welcome to participate and will be treated with dignity and respect.”

The club has said it would reconsider its membership policies at an upcoming meeting.

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From "Lesbian wife of female Army officer banned from joining Fort Bragg spouses club ‘because she lacks proper military ID card’" by UK Daily Mail Reporter 12/14/12

The same-sex wife of a ranking Army officer stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, claims that she has been repeatedly denied membership in a club for military spouses only because she is lesbian.

Ashley Broadway married her partner of 15 years, Lt Colonel Heather Mack, in November after the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy banning openly gay service members from the military.

Broadway said that in response to her application to become a member of the Association of Bragg Officers' Spouses, she was told that she cannot be admitted into the club because she lacks a military spouse ID card.

Stars and Stripes reported that because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the Defense Department does not recognize same-sex marriages and does not offer benefits or ID cards to same-sex spouses.

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From "Conservatives Blast Pentagon Deal to Give Full Pay to Homosexuals Booted from Military" by Pete Winn, 1/9/13

Conservatives are blasting a deal reached by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Obama administration to give full separation pay to more than 180 service members discharged from the military for homosexuality since 2004.

On Monday, the administration reached a settlement with the ACLU on a class-action lawsuit by agreeing to pay approximately $2.4 million in full separation pay – money that was withheld from those veterans who were tossed out of the service for violating the then-existing law against military service by homosexuals.

But Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, told that the government is catering to homosexual activists with the settlement.

The conservative analysts say that service members who engaged in homosexuality while in the military don’t deserve extra pay, because they did more than run afoul of Defense Department administrative regulations -- they violated a federal law that made homosexuality in the military illegal.

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