Saturday, January 19, 2013

Atheists Want Pastors Barred from School Lunches

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation has threatened to sue the Conway, Arkansas public schools after a lone parent saw a Christian minister eating lunch at school with children from his church.  The parent tipped off the atheist organization, which then told the school that it's unconstitutional for such Christians to be there.
“Local ministers interacting with their membership at their local school may be a threat to [atheists'] vision of a godless education system, but it is not a threat to the Constitution.”
-- Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council
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-- From "CPS hires legal group" by Scarlet Sims, Special to The Log Cabin Democrat (Conway, AR) 1/18/13

Liberty Institute, a nonprofit legal group, will evaluate the Conway Public Schools' equal-access policies on visitations during school lunches for free, superintendent Greg Murry said Friday.

[Liberty's General Council Jeff] Mateer said in a news release the district retained the institute "to conduct an investigation of the issues regarding equal access for visitors to the school and make a report and recommendation to the district on or before Feb. 12, 2013." The group will make a report that will go first to the superintendent and then the school board, he said.

The investigation is needed, officials have said, because the Foundation sent a "threatening" letter in October that said the district is in “constitutional violation” by allowing youth ministers to visit students who are in their church during lunchtime. The Foundation sends thousands of similar letters and is not always correct about what is legal, Mateer said. Schools can be overwhelmed, he said.

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From "Public School Bans Religious Visitors" by Todd Starnes, 1/18/13

“We have temporarily suspended allowing these youth pastors and other faith based leaders to come in during the lunch hour and we are reviewing policy and the law,” Conway Public School Supt. Greg Murry told Fox News.

The practice of allowing youth ministers to visit students during the lunch hour has been a longtime tradition in many Southern states. Murry, who became superintendent six years ago, said the practice had been in place long before he arrived.

And until recently, not a single person had complained.

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