Thursday, January 03, 2013

Congresswoman Says She'll Have Sex with ANY Gender

Just when you thought Congress couldn't get any more dysfunctional, the 113th Congress will not only have its first lesbian member in the Senate, Tammy Baldwin, but also the first "bisexual" member, Kyrsten Sinema, in the House of Representatives -- meaning she's sexually attracted to either/both/any sex.

. . . wonder if she's also bipartisan? (probably anything but!)

For background, read Texas Lawmaker Says She'll Have Sex with ANY Gender and also read Gay Agenda: Gender Neutrality & Gender Spectrum as well as Homosexual 'Marriage' Not Enough; Next Goal

-- From "Kyrsten Sinema: A success story like nobody else’s" by Manuel Roig-Franzia, Washington Post 1/3/13

Krysten Sinema is also — and it irks her to no end that this is such an object of fascination — an openly bisexual woman. And not just any openly bisexual woman, but the first openly bisexual person to be elected to Congress, an undoubtedly historic figure whose very presence on Capitol Hill could serve as an inspiration when she is sworn in Thursday and joins six openly gay and lesbian members in the most demographically diverse Congress in U.S. history.

In an era when gay men and lesbians getting elected to public office is trending from “oh, wow” to almost ho-hum, it’s a real bummer for this 36-year-old Arizona Democrat that news reports around the world have distilled her to a single distinguishing characteristic based on her sexual orientation (although Sinema has been open about her sexuality for years and welcomed the endorsement and financial support of gay rights groups).

[Sinema was] the architect of a successful campaign to block a same-sex marriage ban in Arizona . . .

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From "Sinema, First Openly Bisexual Member Of Congress, Represents 'Changing Arizona'" by Peter O'Dowd, National Public Radio NPR 1/1/13

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema marvels at the number of women, minorities and members of the LGBT community who will join her in the freshman class, which will be sworn in Thursday.

Early on, Sinema formed a reputation as an outspoken advocate for women's rights and same-sex marriage.

[Republican state Sen. Frank Antenori said of her perceived shift to the political center,] "She created this transformation ... going from one of the most left-wing leftists of the state House into one of the more moderate Democrats in the state Senate — which was a facade."

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From "113th Congress Sworn in Thursday: Meet Your Leaders" by Emily Feldman, NBC News WMAQ-TV5 (Chicago) 1/3/13

The 113th Congress will also include the first openly bisexual congresswoman (Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz.) who is also the first member of Congress to self-identify as religiously unaffiliated. Ten other members of the 113th Congress did not specify a specific religious affiliation, the Pew Forum points out, yet Sinema is the only to describer her religion as “none.”

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