Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Watson, Masters Golf Winner Glorifies Christ on Easter

The secular media finds itself having to deal with yet another outspoken Christian superstar athlete as Bubba Watson praises Jesus Christ after winning PGA golf's most coveted Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia (at the club where they don't accept women members).
"Getting more in the Word and realizing that golf is just an avenue for Jesus to use me to reach as many people as I can."
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-- From "Bubba Watson Shares His Christian Faith After Masters Win" reported by Huffington Post 4/10/12

Bubba Watson has joined Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow in a trinity of outstanding Christian athletes.

Bubba Watson won the Masters Golf Tournament on Easter Sunday in Augusta, Georgia and lost no time in showing his gratitude.

"I'd like to first thank Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior," Watson said after putting on the famed green jacket (you can watch it at 00:50 in the above video).

Bubba's faith was very strong after winning the Masters when he sent out this celebratory tweets telling the world who he believes is his true master

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From "Bubba Watson tweets his faith, 'showing the Light'" by Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY 4/10/12

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association . . . story talks about Watson's evolution as a believer, from finding church in high school to a more serious commitment to Christ in college. The 33-year-old said, "For me, it's just showing the Light. There's people who want to put down Christians. I try to tell them Jesus loves you. It's just a way to be strong in my faith."

Watson is a regular in the PGA Tour's weekly Bible study, along with Rickie Fowler, Matt Kuchar, Zach Johnson, Jonathan Byrd and Webb Simpson and 16 to 50 others on a given week when the group meets during a tournament, the BGEA story says.

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From "Out of the Rough: Bubba, the cult hero" by Jim Brighters, Sports Network 4/9/12

He's a devout Christian, who frankly, wasn't always the nicest man in the history of the sport. Watson was guarded with the media, annoyed fellow playing partners with a combination of slow play and disrespect.

"I was going the wrong way," said Watson. "I was so wrapped up in what everybody else was doing; why is he beating me; why is this; why is that; why can't I make putts; why can't I make the cut; why can't I do this."

He changed, in part due to his faith, and the results have been noticeable. Watson now has four wins, all coming in the last three years, and is a major champion.

If overt religious-ness is not your thing, there's also the uplifting personal odyssey of Watson and his wife, Angie, adopting a baby boy named Caleb last month.

"The first date me and Angie ever had, she told me she was going to have to adopt, she couldn't have kids and I said, 'That's fine. I said if God tells us he wants us to adopt, we'll adopt,'" Watson said.

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From "Bubba golf has no bounds" by Garry Smits, Morris News Service 4/9/12

Watson said adopting his son has been one more piece of a family puzzle in which he’s tried to tone down his live-wire personality. Watson said golf was getting to him in all the wrong ways, to the point where his wife, his caddie, Ted Scott and close friends had a series of sit-downs with him about his attitude.

Scott threatening to quit shook Watson to his core, because they already were close friends. Becoming a Christian in 2004 helped the most.

“It hit home,” Watson said. “It’s a slow process. This year, it’s gotten better. Last year was a little better and hopefully the years to come it gets better and better.”

He’ll never apologize for his emotions. With his wife home attending to their child, Watson broke down sobbing in his mother Molly’s arms after winning the Masters. When asked about his son in post-tournament interviews, and his deceased father, Watson found it difficult to speak.

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From "Bubba Watson Glorifies Jesus Christ After First Masters Win on Easter" by Christine Thomasos, Christian Post Reporter 4/9/12

"I never got this far in my dreams, so it's not a dream come true," he said. "It's a blessing. To go home to my new son will be a lot of fun."

"Golf isn't everything for me. If I would have lost today, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. To win is awesome, but I'll go back to real life next week," Watson said. "I still haven't changed a diaper."

While the golfer has taken to his Twitter to thank fans who have supported him during and after his big win, Watson made sure to continue glorifying God on his social media account.

"1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus," Watson tweeted. "To God be the Glory! #Masters."

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