Monday, April 30, 2012

Dartmouth Expands Sex-blind Dorm Room Assignments

In its policy to allow anybody room with anybody, Dartmouth College is supporting the Gay Agenda proposition that there are not two genders, but rather a spectrum of gender where no one is male or female.

But for some, reality hits home:

“It would theoretically be a good idea [but] . . . We all use the same bathrooms, and you can’t really have boys and girls using the same bathroom in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable.”
-- Anoush Arakelian, student housing intern
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UPDATE 5/3/12: Princeton, UPenn, Chicago Now Offer ‘Gender-Neutral Housing' for Undergrads

-- From "College to expand gender-neutral housing options in fall" by Amelia Acosta, The Dartmouth Staff 4/26/12

As Dartmouth students gear up for room draw, they will have additional options for gender-neutral housing . . .

The Housing Office has seen “a lot of interest” in more options for male and female cohabitation on campus, [student housing intern, Maia] Matsushita said.

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From "Dartmouth: Dorm Assignments Will Not be 'Limited by Traditional Gender Binary'" by Susan Jones, 4/30/12

People who wish to join the gender-neutral affinity program must fill out a special application, which asks, among other things, if a student is male, female, or intersex. It also poses the question, "Do you have a third-person pronoun you prefer to be addressed by? If so, which one?"

For the class of 2014, Dartmouth says it received 18,778 applications, and of that number, 1,139 students were enrolled.

Undergraduate tuition, room, board and mandatory fees run around $55,365 a year.

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