Friday, April 20, 2012

Gay Teacher Sexting Boy Resigns, Media Silent

Paul Weil, a 13-year faculty member and dean at Stevenson High School, near Chicago, was forced to resign after a police investigation of lewd text messages he sent to an 18-year-old male student. Although Weil is known by the school and students to be homosexual, this pertinent fact has gone entirely unreported by the media -- a fact quite relevant when reporting of sexual predator teachers.
"He's a good man, and it's an unfortunate way to end, and it should not overshadow all the good."
-- Jim Conrey, spokesman for Adlai E. Stevenson High School (Lincolnshire, IL)
UPDATE 12/17/14: Now students are sexting nude selfies to each other at Stevenson, police find

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UPDATE 9/24/13: Austin, TX high school principal hires Weil despite his sexual predator past (see article below)

UPDATE 9/25/13: Texas superintendent rescinds principal's hire of Weil after public outcry To view KXAN-TV36 news report, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE 10/30/13: Parents tell Texas school board to use Google as part of hiring background checks

-- From "Stevenson High School Dean Resigns Amid Investigation" by Lauren Petty and Lauren Jiggetts, NBC TV5 (Chicago) 4/20/12

One of six deans at a north suburban high school resigned while being investigated for allegedly sending inappropriate text messages to a student.

Lincolnshire police said the texts were deemed inappropriate, but at this point they don't appear to be criminal.

Weil was hired by the district as a french teacher in 1999. He became a dean four years ago.

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From "Dean Out At Stevenson H.S. Following Texting Scandal" posted at CBS Chicago 4/20/12

The dean, Paul Weil, was under investigation for sending texts to an 18-year-old male student.

Further details about the text messages that Weil allegedly sent have not been revealed.

The scandal was the talk of the Stevenson campus earlier in the day Thursday, but. CBS 2 was not allowed to approach any of the school’s more than 4,000 students while on campus.

The Lake County State’s Attorney’s office is reviewing the texts to determine whether any criminal charges are warranted in the case.

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From "Dean resigns as text scandal investigated at Stevenson High School" by Susan Berger and Lisa Black, Chicago Tribune 4/20/12

Paul Weil, who was dean of students at Stevenson High School since 2008 and a faculty member since 1999, submitted his resignation Wednesday, and the District 125 school board voted late Thursday to accept it.

Conrey would not address the content of the texts, other than to call it inappropriate. He said he didn't know how the texts came to the attention of school authorities. He said Weil, who could not be reached for comment late Thursday, has not been at school since the investigation was launched in recent days.

In February, Stevenson officials confiscated the cellphones of students to crack down on alleged campus drug sales, using text messages stored on phones to gather evidence. The investigative technique raised questions among some legal experts and unnerved students who said they assumed texting to be private.

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From "Stevenson High School dean resigns" by Ronnie Wachter, Lincolnshire Review 4/19/12

Both Conrey and Lincolnshire Police Chief Peter Kinsey said they could not explain what made the texts inappropriate.

Kinsey said Weil came into contact with the student through his disciplinary problems.

“The student seemed to miss school from time to time for no apparent reason,” Kinsey said Friday.

School officials learned of the messages last week, [Conrey] said, though he did not explain how they came to light. He and Kinsey both said they did not know how many messages Weil exchanged with the student, but that Weil was likely using his own phone.

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UPDATE 9/24/13: From "New Westlake [High School in Austin, Texas] administrator investigated for inappropriate student texts" by Tony Plohetski and Melissa B. Taboada, American-Statesman Staff

[Eanes School] District officials said today that some school leaders were aware of Paul Weil’s history during a recent interview and vetting process, but hired him because he was the best candidate. However, a selection committee made up of school teachers and administrators were not informed of Weil’s background until after they had interviewed him, officials said. Once the committee learned of the incident, however, the members unanimously supported his selection.

According to the [Licolnshire, IL police] report . . . which refer to a series of text messages between the two: “I don’t feel scared by the guy. To an extent, they were ‘uncomforting’ but it’s not that I didn’t want to go to school. I never wanted a dean change. But he would ask to talk to me on the phone. I would think, ‘No, I didn’t want to talk to you on the phone.’ … It was just weird. Sometimes I would not respond or think of excuses.”

Police records show the text exchanges began in September 2011 and included: “Pizza delivery boy? Hot” and, referring to a trip the student was taking, “Don’t come home with a venereal disease.”

In one exchange last March, Weil texted the student, “Such a funny boy you are. When are we gonna hang out so I can put you to work? I have long list of things for you to do.”

Westlake Principal John Carter, who took the helm of the Eanes district’s high school in 2012-13, was principal of Stevenson High [in Illinois] at the time of Weil’s investigation.

“There is no doubt that Mr. Weil is an outstanding educator,” Carter said in the written statement. . . .

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