Monday, April 02, 2012

Obama Makes New Promise to Fund Killing Babies

President Obama has released a promotional video for the nation's largest abortion mill promising that as long as he's president, Planned Parenthood will be funded by the taxpayers as it murders over 300,000 babies annually.

In the video (below), the president furthers the lie that Planned Parenthood does mammograms -- it doesn't!

UPDATE 6/10/13: Florida Law Protects Infants that Obama Would NOT

UPDATE 10/20/12: Lead Abortionist Joins Obama Campaign Full-time

UPDATE 7/30/12: Planned Parenthood Faces $5.5 Billion Fine for Fraud

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-- From "Obama praises Planned Parenthood in video" by David Jackson, USA TODAY 4/1/12

President Obama taped a video message praising Planned Parenthood and telling members he will continue fighting Republican efforts to cut their federal funding.

"For you, and for most Americans, protecting women's health is a mission that stands above politics," Obama said in the video titled "A Message to Planned Parenthood Supporters."

Congressional Republicans say they want to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood because of its support for its abortion rights and for Democratic political candidates.

Obama and congressional Democrats beat back an effort to cut funds for Planned Parenthood during the budget battles of last summer.

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From "President Obama Pledges to Never Stop Fighting for Planned Parenthood, Which Did 329,445 Abortions in 2010" by Thomas Cloud, 3/30/12

In a video message to Planned Parenthood Action Fund supporters, released this week, Obama praised Planned Parenthood and said he was “grateful” because, “through it all, you never forgot who you’re fighting for: the women with a new lease on life because a mammogram caught her cancer in time” and “the woman who’s able to choose when to start a family because she can afford contraception.”

“I know you’ll never stop fighting to protect the health care and the choices that America’s women deserve,” says Obama. “As long as I have the privilege of being your president, neither will I. Thanks.”

When compared with previous annual reports, the latest one shows an almost steady increase in the number of abortions performed at its clinics: In 2006, Planned Parenthood did 289,750 abortions; in 2007, it did 305,310; in 2009, it did 331,796; and, in 2010, it did 329,445--a small decrease from the previous year.

In its several Continuing Resolutions to keep the federal government operating, the Republican-controlled House leadership has kept funding for Planned Parenthood untouched, as well as funding for various Obamacare programs.

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From "Obama Praises Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in New Video" by Steven Ertelt, 3/29/12

Planned Parenthood released the video in an email to supporters of the abortion business.

“I am proud to have President Obama on our side,” Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards said, saying she is “sending the president a message of support today.”

“President Obama gets it, and he hasn’t stopped fighting since his first day in office. He knows how important women’s health is, and he respects the right of every woman to make her own medical decisions,” Richards adds about Obama and abortion. “That’s why I hope you’ll join me in sending a message of support to President Obama today. And because the president is such a strong ally for women’s health and Planned Parenthood, he has a message for you, too.”

“I’m proud of President Obama’s determined efforts to advance the cause,” she concludes.

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From "President Obama Makes Video Vowing to Protect Planned Parenthood" by Jennifer Hartline, Catholic Online 4/2/12

Our current President has made his position crystal clear and has demonstrated time and time again that he will always defend Planned Parenthood; he will always defend abortion-on-demand, without restriction; he will always promote the culture of death. He will even shred the constitutional rights of the Catholic Church and all people of faith.

Let's clear up the euphemisms first: Abortion is not health care. It is the intentional killing of a helpless preborn child. That is really what we're talking about here. We're not talking about "decisions" regarding breast cancer or cervical or ovarian cancer, etc. We're talking about abortion. The President is talking about abortion.

Again, let's be clear. The "choice" he's talking about is abortion. Not whether to get a Pap smear or a breast exam or a blood test. The "choice" is whether or not to kill the child in the womb. I wonder why Obama's so reluctant to be clear in his language?

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