Friday, August 05, 2011

Tell Congress: Take Abortion out of ObamaCare

In response to the Obama administration's newest edict to Americans, "You must pay for other people's abortion drugs," pro-life congressmen have introduced the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act. Contact your senators (click here) for support of S.1467, and contact your congressman (click here) for support of H.R.1179.

For background, read White House Announces "Free Birth Control" and also read Bishops vs. ObamaCare on Right of Conscience

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-- From "Bill Hits Back on Obama Admin’s Forcing Abortion Drug Coverage" by Steven Ertelt, 8/4/11

. . . the Obama administration has approved a recommendation from the Institute of Medicine suggesting that it force insurance companies to pay for birth control and drugs that can cause abortions under the Obamacare government-run health care program.

However, legislation sponsored by pro-life Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, HR 1179, and several pro-life members of the U.S. House [along with S. 1467 introduced by Sen. Roy Blunt] would help mitigate those conscience concerns.

The legislation allows an individual or institutional health care provider or health care plan to not be compelled to cover or refer for services or items (drugs) that violate their religious or moral views.

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From "Americans Oppose Obama Decision to Force Birth Control Coverage" by Steven Ertelt, 8/4/11

A new poll released today by Rasmussen Reports finds Americans strongly oppose the decision by the Obama administration force insurance companies to cover birth control (and abortion drugs) in the Obamacare health care plan.

The poll did not include mention of the ella drug — billed as a morning after pill but a drug that actually causes an abortion of a unique human being days after conception. Still, a plurality of Americans opposes the requirement the Obama administration put forward this week and they tell Rasmussen that they would like to have the option of picking their health plans based on cost and what coverage they need.

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