Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kansas Promotes Marriage to Reduce Poverty

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services is requesting a $6.6 million 3-year federal grant to encourage marriage through counseling of unwed parents, in an effort to reduce childhood poverty by increasing the number of stable families.

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-- From "Kansas seeks federal grant to promote marriage" by The Associated Press 8/16/11

Brownback has long been an advocate of promoting healthy marriages, contending that children raised by married couples are more likely to succeed in school, less likely to have behavior problems or live in poverty.

He promised a focus on family life when he appointed Rob Siedlecki, a former board member of the National Fatherhood Initiative, to lead the social services agency.

If the state receives the grant, the federal government would pay to send unwed parents to six counseling sessions offered by either secular or faith-based counseling services chosen by the state. The parents would volunteer for the program and could choose the kind of counseling service they wanted.

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From "Kansas seeks federal grant for program to promote marriage" by Brad Cooper, The Kansas City Star 8/15/11

If the parents completed the program and decided to marry, the federal grant would pay for their state marriage license, which now costs $85.50.

About 19,000 unwed couples a year give birth in Kansas. The state estimates that more than 7,600 mothers or couples — or 40 percent — would begin counseling at $25 to $50 per session. Sixty percent of those are expected to finish the program and qualify for a free license.

Even if marriage does not result, the grant application said, the parents will have learned how to maintain relationships and work together for the good of their child.

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