Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teacher Suspended for Christian Beliefs at Home

Comments made by a Florida "Teacher of the Year" on his personal Facebook page, during his own time, on his own computer, concerning his belief that homosexual behavior is sinful have been equated to racism or unacceptable beliefs.
"It wasn't out of hatred. It was about the way I interpret things."
For background, read Christian Fired for 'Hate Speech' by Univ. of IL (see list of articles at bottom)

UPDATE 8/24/11: FREEDOM WINS, Gay Agenda loses - School reinstates teacher

UPDATE 8/23/11: School's discriminatory action becomes grassroots battle cry

UPDATE 8/22/11: It's proof that the Gay Agenda must end religious liberty (opinion)

-- From "Teacher Reassigned After Facebook Post On Gay Marriage" By Melanie Whitley, CNN 8/18/11

Lake County Schools Communications Officer Chris Patton said school officials received a complaint Tuesday about the content on Mount Dora High School teacher Jerry Buell's personal Facebook page, as well as copies of the posts.

Patton would not confirm the content of the post, but he said Lake County officials are taking the matter very seriously.

"We began to review the code of ethics violations immediately and yesterday afternoon temporarily reassigned the teacher pending the outcome of the investigation," Patton told CNN Thursday.

Buell, a teacher for more than 26 years, served as the Social Studies Department chair at Mount Dora and taught American history and government, according to the high school's website.

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From "Teacher suspended, reassigned for anti-gay Facebook comments" by Erica Rodriguez, Orlando Sentinel 8/17/11

School districts across Florida have recently adopted policies on how teachers should use social media. In Orange County Schools, teachers are reminded their "private use of internet and social networking is not private" and employees should remain professional in using the communication at all times.

Buell said all his students have equal value in his eyes.

"I've had kids that I've known that have been homosexuals," he said. "They know that I don't hate them. I love them."

The school district said Buell will be reassigned to an administrative position pending an investigation into whether he violated the district's code of conduct for educators.

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From "Facebook groups back suspended Lake teacher" by Erica Rodriguez, Orlando Sentinel 8/18/11

Those who support a Lake County teacher suspended for anti-gay Facebook comments have taken to Facebook themselves.

Supporters formed two groups to ask that Mount Dora High School Teacher of the Year Jerry Buell be reinstated.

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UPDATE 8/19/11: From "Florida Teacher Suspended for Anti-Gay Marriage Posts on Personal Facebook Page" by Todd Starnes,

“The school district is being anti-straight, anti-First Amendment and anti-personal liberty,” said Horatio Mihet, an attorney with the Liberty Counsel. “The idea that public servants have to whole-heartedly endorse homosexual marriage is repugnant to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution,” Mihet told Fox News Radio.

“These are not fringe ideas that Mr. Buell espoused on his personal Facebook page,” he told Fox News Radio. “They are mainstream textbook opposition to homosexual unions – and now he’s been deemed unfit to teach children because he opposes gay marriage? My goodness.” Buell believes the school system is trying to send a message to Christian teachers.

“There is an intimidation factor if you are a Christian or if you make a statement against it (gay marriage) you are a bigot, a homophobe, you’re a creep, you’re intolerant,” he said. “We should have the right to express our opinions and talk about things.”

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