Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Condom Training Mandated for NY City Schools

New York City schools will now begin training children in sex beginning at age eleven, a boon for Planned Parenthood's in-school programs for their soon-to-be clients.

For background, read Sex Training by Kids is Planned Parenthood and also read Planned Parenthood Teaches Sex Acts in Iowa School as well as Planned Parenthood Teaches Kids: Abstinence = Masturbation

-- From "Schools' sex ed. mandate - No longer a choice" by Yoav Gonen, Education Reporter, New York Post 8/10/11

City schools will have to start teaching sex education to their students again -- that's an order.

Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott last night sent a carefully worded e-mail to all middle- and high-school principals informing them that they no longer have a choice about whether they want their students to learn such things as how to put on a condom and the dangers of sexual promiscuity.

"We have students who are having sex before the age of 13; students who have had multiple sexual partners; and students who aren't protecting themselves against sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS," [Walcott said.]

So starting next spring, students will required to take sex ed. during one semester, as either a sixth- or seventh-grader and then again in high school, hopefully in ninth or 10th grade, Walcott said.

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From "Sex education classes now required for city's public middle and high schools" by Rachel Monahan and Rich Schapiro, New York Daily News 8/9/11

"In high schools, an oral description of how to use a condom will be given," a Department of Education official said. "If students want a demonstration, one can be given in the health resource room."

Parents will have the right to keep their children out of lessons on birth-control methods, officials said.

"We must be committed to ensuring that both middle school and high school students are exposed to this valuable information so they can learn to keep themselves safe before, and when, they decide to have sex," Chancellor Dennis Walcott said in an email to colleagues.

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From "New York City Will Mandate Sex Education" by Fernanda Santos and Anna M. Phillips, New York Times 8/9/11

The new mandate is part of a broader strategy the Bloomberg administration announced last week to improve the lives of black and Latino teenagers. According to city statistics, those teenagers are far more likely than their white counterparts to have unplanned pregnancies and contract sexually transmitted diseases.

For the Bloomberg administration, which last week announced a three-year, $130 million initiative to improve the lives of young minority men in the city, the sex-education mandate joins a number of other public health efforts — like the mayor’s push to reduce residents’ intake of salt and sugary sodas — that have sometimes been criticized as interventionist. It is also unusual because the city does not often tell schools what to teach.

Some schools have relied on nonprofit or community groups like Planned Parenthood and the Door to teach their [previously-optional] sex-education classes, an arrangement that is likely to continue once the new policy takes effect.

High schools in New York have been distributing condoms for more than 20 years.

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