Monday, August 08, 2011

Feminism = Women's Loss of Sexual Advantage

A study presented at the American Psychological Association meeting showed that as women gain "equality," as defined by feminism, they "give away" sex, resulting in a loss of their otherwise natural leverage over men and therefore resulting in diminished familial structure in society.

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-- From "More gender equality leads to more sex, global study shows" by Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY 8/7/11

[Psychologist Roy Baumeister of Florida State University in Tallahassee gave] his presentation, "Sexual Economics: A Research-Based Theory of Sexual Interactions, or Why the Man Buys Dinner," [and] explained how applying economic principles helps understand people's sexual decision-making, especially when they're just beginning a relationship.

The idea, he says, is that men want sex more than women do (on average) and that sex in a relationship begins when women decide it's time. Supply and demand rule, so whichever sex is more scarce has more power. The theory focuses on heterosexual interactions only.

"If women don't have many opportunities to make money on their own, they need the value of sex to be as high as possible," Baumeister says. "When women don't have other opportunities, sex is the main thing she has to offer."

. . . Because a woman's sexuality has a value to men, [in the absense of feminist success,] a man who wanted sex typically had to give her something of value, such as a marriage proposal.

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