Monday, August 22, 2011

N.C. County Challenges ACLU over Prayer Threat

North Carolina's Henderson County Commissioner Larry Young says the civic meetings will continue like always, including prayers in Jesus' name, regardless of the recent ruling by the federal 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.
“I’m going to stand up for him; he stood up for me. Jesus Christ gave his life for me, so I feel like I owe him as much as I can possibly give him.”
For background, read Jesus' Name Unconstitutional in Public: Fed. Court (will be appealed to Supreme Court) and also read Virginia County Ignores ACLU Threat over Prayer

-- From "ACLU warns about prayers" by Gary Glancy, Times-News Staff Writer 8/21/11

[Katy Parker, legal director for the ACLU] says last month’s ruling . . . is now the law, and the ACLU intends to ensure that it is followed.

Young says he wouldn’t budge.

“That’s fine — whatever they want to do,” he said. “They can sue us, too.”

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