Saturday, January 02, 2010

Daytime TV Homosexual Behavior on ABC

Viewer complaints caused ABC to regret their recent airing of the homosexual/sadomasochistic music video; it's time for more complaining!

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-- From "'One Life to Live' airs daytime TV's first gay sex scene" by Nicole Carter, Staff Writer, New York Daily News 12/31/09

The same network that cancelled Adam Lambert's daytime performances after his same-sex kiss at the American Music Awards aired the first-ever gay sex scene on daytime TV on Wednesday.

ABC's "One Life to Live" aired an on-screen romp between Oliver (Scott Evans [who is openly gay]) and Kyle (Brett Claywell)

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From "ABC will air gay sex, but not Adam Lambert (video)" by Liz Brown, Examiner 12/31/09

The iconic ABC soap opera One Life to Live aired the first gay sex scene on network daytime television history on Wednesday. One Life to Live characters Oliver and Kyle shared a classic soap opera sex scene replete with champagne, candlelight and a dreamy love song.

Adam Lambert's season of censorship started after his controversial performance at the American Music Awards where he engaged in unscheduled display of simulated oral sex, simulated back-up dancer fingering and real male-on-male kissing during his performance of 'For Your Entertainment'. ABC executives refused to allow The View to rebroadcast portions of Adam Lambert's performance during their "Hot Topics" segment calling the performance "inappropriate for daytime television".

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