Monday, January 18, 2010

'Hate Crimes' Law Regulates God (LOL)

Americans concerned with the Obama 'hate crimes' law observe Canadian government outlawing belief that homosexual behavior opposes God's Word

Remember the British Christian grandmother questioned by police? Click for that story (video interview included).

-- From "Québec policy against homophobia" © Gouvernement du Québec

On December 11, 2009, the Minister of Justice, Attorney General of Québec and minister responsible for the fight against homophobia, Kathleen Weil, released the first-ever Québec policy against homophobia. “The policy released this morning shows, once again, that Québec society is a leader in the field of sexual minority rights,” stated the Minister.

The main objective of the policy – overview of the policy – is to improve the situation of sexual minorities in Québec and allow them to attain social equality.

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From "Government policy now targeting 'homophobia'" by Drew Zahn © 2010 WorldNetDaily 1/17/10

The policy, released last month by Quebec's Minister of Justice and Attorney General Kathleen Weil, assigns the government the task of eliminating all forms of "homophobia" and "heterosexism" – including the belief that homosexuality is immoral – from society as a whole.

The text and specifics of the policy are steeped in vague bureaucratic language about "coordination" and "synergy," but the goal is spelled out clearly: to enlist the government to normalize homosexuality in society and to quell common criticisms levied against "sexual minorities," a term the policy uses to inclusively describe "lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and transgenders."

"An inclusive society such as ours must take the necessary steps to combat homophobic attitudes and behavior patterns and move towards full acceptance of sexual diversity," states the Premier of Quebec Jean Charest in a letter that serves as the policy's introduction. "The policy sets out the government's goal of removing all the obstacles to full recognition of the social equality of the sexual minorities, at all levels of society."

The policy further defines the heterosexism that must be stomped out as "affirmation of heterosexuality as a social norm or the highest form of sexual orientation."

Furthermore, the policy laments, "It is still possible to hear people say that homosexuality is an illness, morally wrong or a form of deviant behavior, and that people choose their sexual orientation. These beliefs, often instilled in the past, tend to marginalize sexual minority groups and prevent full recognition of their social equality."

Such "prejudice," the policy affirms, must be combated.

And while the word "church" is never explicitly mentioned in the policy, it does declare it important to publicize the most "insidious" forms of homophobia with a plan to "target the various locations in which homophobic attitudes and behavior patterns, as well as heterosexist stereotypes, are found."

The policy also warns, "It will be necessary to deal with the heterosexist values on which some institutional practices are founded."

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