Monday, January 25, 2010

School Board Member Teaches Deviant Sex to Girls

The Texas school trustee was slated for a motivational speech to middle school students, but instead provided instructions on sex acts, as several teachers listened.

UPDATE 1/25/10: Girls who didn't know about oral sex, were clued in

-- From "Trustee's speech to kids turns into sex talk" by T.J. Aulds, Galveston County [Texas] Daily News 1/23/10

What was supposed to be a motivation speech to a collection of sixth- through eighth-grade girls at Crosby Middle School instead turned into an explicit sex talk, including descriptions on how to perform oral and anal sex, Hitchcock school officials said.

The motivational speaker turned out to be a Hitchcock school board member, Shirley Price.

[Hitchcock Superintendent Mike] Bergman said when Price was introduced, she asked that the school’s principal leave the room. Most of the teachers remained, but they did not step in when Price’s speech turned inappropriate, Bergman said.

Students apparently were told to keep the contents of the speech secret, Bergman said.

The district has been flooded with calls from outraged parents who were unaware of the presentation until a couple of parents spoke at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

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