Thursday, January 14, 2010

Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Admitted by Feds

After years of denying any evidence that abortion causes breast cancer, despite numerous prior studies indicating the link, a federal agency has issued a research paper reversing its previous positions.

-- From "Abortion, Birth Control Pills, Raises Breast Cancer Risk" By Pam Stephan, [New York Times'] Guide to Breast Cancer 1/8/10

In 2003, the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) sought to reassure women that using birth control pills would not raise their risk for breast cancer. NCI also told women that having an abortion was not a risk factor for breast cancer. Now it turns out that a study published in April 2009 by Jessica Dolle and other researchers of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center shows just the opposite: oral contraception (OCs) is linked with an increased risk for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) in women who are 45 years old and younger. The research paper, "Risk factors for triple-negative breast cancer in women under the age of 45 years," was published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. This research paper features a table of risk factors, which includes induced abortion as one of several "known and suspected risk factors".

As if that news were not alarming enough, a statement by NCI researcher Louise Brinton admits that abortion raises breast cancer risk by 40%. Brinton spearheaded the 2003 NCI workshop about the abortion-breast cancer link (referred to as ABC). That workshop made every effort to assure women that having induced abortions was not linked to an increased risk of breast cancer, and that research did not support an ABC link. Now NCI, usually a trusted institution, is telling us that there is a 40% risk increase for women who have had abortions.

Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2002, I took birth control pills for about 5 years. . . . I just wish agencies like the NCI would get their story straight, so we have as much information as possible, to reduce our risk of breast cancer.

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From "Top scientist finally admits abortion-breast cancer link" by Jill Stanek, © 2010 WorldNetDaily 1/13/10

In February 2003, Dr. Louise Brinton, the National Cancer Institute's chief of the Environmental Epidemiology Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, served as chairperson at an NCI workshop in Bethesda, Md., to assess whether abortion was implicated as a breast cancer risk.

At the time, 29 out of 38 studies conducted worldwide over 40 years showed an increased ABC risk, but the NCI workshop nevertheless concluded it was "well established" that "induced abortion is not associated with an increase in breast cancer risk."

But six years later something happened. Dr. Brinton either flipped her lid, flipped ideologies, restudied the evidence and decided to recant, or couldn't sleep at night – and she began righting her wrong.

In April 2009, Brinton co-authored a research paper published in the prestigious journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, which concluded that the risk of a particularly deadly form of breast cancer that attacks women under 40 raises 40 percent if a woman has had an abortion.

Now that the mainstream media's interest has been slightly piqued, NCI and Brinton are on the hot seat.

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