Sunday, January 31, 2010

Personhood Amendment Pushed in Mississippi

Mississippians may soon be able to go the voting booth to make their feelings known about abortion.

-- From "Wicker urges that anti-abortion efforts continue" by David A. Farrell, Staff Writer, Picayune Item (Miss.) 1/30/10

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) told an anti-abortion, pro-life rally on Saturday that Mississippi has some of the toughest laws restricting and covering abortion, and that he is against Roe vs. Wade and one day wants to see the law changed.

Wicker said that when he served in the State Senate under Gov. Ray Mabus that the State Legislature passed laws strictly governing abortion clinics, that Mabus vetoed it, but the legislature passed it again and it became law.

Wicker was appointed the state’s U.S. Senator when Trent Lott resigned. He later won a special election to fill Lott’s unexpired term and faces re-election in 2012.

Wicker said that he, along with other co-sponsors, have introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate that would define life as beginning at conception. He said if that definition could be adopted, then the stage would be set in the U.S. Congress to reverse Roe vs. Wade.

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From "Pro-life group campaigning to put abortion on MS ballot" by Danielle Thomas, WLOX TV 13 Biloxi 1/31/10

Personhood Mississippi is collecting signatures from registered voters across Mississippi to get laws on when life begins changed in our state.

April Hurd is heading up the effort in Pearl River county.

"What we basically aim to do is declare personhood at fertilization which would give those unborn babies the same rights we have under the 14th amendment of the constitution," Hurd said. "That would then require state law to protect them which would overturn abortion in the state of Mississippi."

Hurd says the group is pushing hard to get the last 3,900 signatures it needs from the southern part of the state by February 14th.

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