Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Study: Propensity for Pre-marital Sex is Hereditary

Whereas the Bible teaches that sin has origins in the 'fallen man,' American researchers believe that some children should be genetically excused from responsible sexual behavior.

Simon Blake, Brook Advisory Centre: “All young people need access to confidential sexual health services as well as high quality education about sex and relationships from a young age”

-- From "Genes blamed for early first sex" posted at BBC News 9/14/09

The fact that children raised in homes without a dad have sex earlier is down to their genes, say US researchers.

The study tested for genetic influences as well as factors such as poverty, educational opportunities and religion.

The more genes the children shared, the more similar their ages of first intercourse regardless of whether they had an absent father or not.

The study published in the journal, Child Development, says several theories have been advanced about the environmental factors which influence this association between absent fathers and early sex.

But this study shows these factors are not as important as genes in determining early sexual behaviour.

Jane Mendle, professor of psychology at the University of Oregon, who led the study said: "The association between father's absence and children's sexuality is best explained by genetic influences, rather than by environmental theories alone.

"While there is clearly no such thing as a 'father absence gene', there are genetic contributions to traits in both mums and dads that increase the likelihood of earlier sexual behaviour in their children.

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