Monday, September 07, 2009

Christian Actress Refuses to Advance Gay Agenda

Actress Patricia Mauceri, of ABC's "One Life to Live" for the last 14 years, claims she was fired because of her religious beliefs. She objected to a storyline that inappropriately portrayed the deeply religious character whom she played.

-- From "Soap Actress Says She Was Fired Because of Religious Beliefs" by Lauren Green, 9/4/09

Mauceri, 59, a devout Christian, told FOX News that character Vega's gay-friendly dialogue was not in line with the character she helped create by drawing on her own faith.

"I did not object to being in a gay storyline. I objected to speaking the truth of what that person, how that person would live and breathe and act in that storyline," she said. "And this goes against everything I am, my belief system, and what I know the character's belief system is aligned to."

Mauceri said she was replaced despite offering changes to the script and hoping for a compromise.

An ABC spokesperson said they were not aware of any such claims by Mauceri, adding such claims "would be frivolous."

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