Monday, September 14, 2009

Thousands Fall Ill from Cervical Cancer Vaccine

British government-required immunizations of young girls with Cervarix is hazardous, causing consternation among sexual revolutionaries, just as Gardasil is a disappointment in the U.S.

UPDATE 9/29/09: FDA delays decision on GlaxoSmithKline's vaccine after teen death

UPDATE 9/29/09: Schoolgirl dies after cervical cancer vaccination

-- From "Two thousand schoolgirls suffer suspected ill-effects from cervical cancer vaccine" by Laura Donnelly, Health Correspondent, The London Telegraph 9/12/09

Doctors' reports show that girls of 12 and 13 have experienced convulsions, fever and paralysis after being given the vaccine, which is now administered in schools as part of efforts to prevent women developing cancer.

Others suffered nausea, muscle weakness, dizziness and blurred vision, according to a special report drawn up by drug safety watchdogs.

A support group says it has received dozens of calls from parents who believe their daughters have been damaged by the vaccine.

The immunisation programme for teenage girls is controversial because it protects them from the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus which causes 70 per cent of cervical tumours.

. . . the report prepared by the [government] earlier this month also discloses cases in which teens have suffered convulsions, eye rolling, muscle spasms, seizures and hyperventilation soon after being given the jab.

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