Monday, September 21, 2009

New 12-year-old Girl in School WAS a Boy

"Sex swap"... lad arrived at school after summer holidays in a dress with long hair in pigtails -- Fellow students tearful, parents OK with sex change, but angry over absence of advance notice

-- From "Boy, 12, turns into girl" by Brian Flynn and Virginia Wheeler, The Sun (UK) 9/18/09

Teachers called an emergency assembly to order fellow pupils to treat him as female.

The lad, whose parents have changed his name to a girl's by deed poll, arrived in a dress with long hair in ribboned pigtails. He is preparing for sex-swap surgery.

[Parents] said the head teacher should have informed them in advance of the "sex change" so they could prepare their sons and daughters and inform them about gender issues.

They added that the school's failure to do so had left the boy to suffer cruel taunts and bullying.

It is understood he hoped his transformation would go unnoticed as he was starting secondary education and children stepping up from other primary schools would not recognise him.

But his former classmates at primary level DID spot the difference - and quickly
spread the word.

The 1,000-pupil school, in southern England, has given the lad a separate toilet and changing room in the sports hall.

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