Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayer: "Hear our cry Obama!"

Video of The Gamaliel Foundation (the community organizing group that helped sponsor Barack Obama's initial work in Chicago) praying regarding health care reform: "Deliver us Obama" and "Hear our cry Obama"

UPDATE 6/25/12: Obama a Christian? No, Say Two-Thirds of Americans

-- From "Community organizers 'pray' to president" © 2009 WorldNetDaily 9/29/09

[According to The Gamaliel Foundation] website, its type of community organizing began in Chicago in 1938.

"Saul Alinsky created the 'Back of the Yards Community Council,'" the site says. "The organization operated in the shadow of Chicago's stock yards. The community was beset with poverty, political corruption, gangs, disease, deteriorating housing and inadequate schools; but most of all it was beset with a sense of powerlessness. The organization successfully engaged people to change the conditions of the community."

The foundation says it was set up in 1968 to support "an African American organization fighting to protect homeowners on Chicago's Westside who had been discriminated against by banks and saving and loan institutions."

It was relaunched in 1986 "as an organizing institute."

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