Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mainstream Media Hide News Detrimental to Gay Agenda

When a Duke University administrator is arrested for selling his adopted 5-year-old son for deviant sex, it makes the news nationwide, except if the man is homosexual. After more than a week, one local news source has covered the story.

-- From "Health director Lombard faces child sex charges" by Julius Jones, The Duke Chronicle 7/1/09

A University employee was charged by the FBI with child sex abuse June 24 in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Frank Lombard, 42, associate director for the Health Inequalities Program at the Center for Heath Policy, is charged with enticing an undercover police officer over the Internet to take part in interstate travel in order to engage in an illegal sex act with a minor . . .

After the sting operation began, the officer alleges that over the course of a Yahoo! Instant Messenger conversation June 23, Lombard-using the display name "F L"-confessed to multiple acts of sexual abuse online using the ICUii video chat program. Lombard identified the minor he had molested as his 5-year-old, black adopted child.

Lombard also offered to allow the undercover officer to watch him perform sexual acts on the child via ICUii and fly to Lombard's home to have sex with the child himself, according to the affidavit.

"He further told your affiant that he lived in Durham, North Carolina with his live-in homosexual partner," Palchak wrote in his affidavit.

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From "News agencies gagging 'gay' factor in boy's rape" by Joe Kovacs © 2009 WorldNetDaily 7/1/09

The arrest affidavit goes into graphic detail of Lombard's alleged actions, including alleged performance of oral sex with the child in front of a webcam, and sodomizing the boy with his finger and tongue. It also prominently cites the fact that Lombard is a homosexual living with another "gay" man.

In his online profile, Lombard reportedly describes himself as "perv dad for fun."

But days after the case broke, there have been few, if any, mentions in news stories that Lombard is part of a homosexual couple raising children.

In reports by the Associated Press, CNN and ABC News, for instance, the "gay" factor is never brought up.

A Lexis-Nexis news database search by WND using search terms "Frank Lombard" and "homosexual" or "gay" resulted in just four results, none of which were any major media.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh commented today on the apparent double standard [compared to the high-profile case of Duke lacrosse players who were wrongly accused of a rape that never happened], stating, "Did you hear there has been an actual rape at Duke University? An actual rape in Durham, North Carolina. It's not a phony one. Not a false charge. An actual rape. A guy sold his adopted 5-year-old son to a sex practitioner. A 5-year-old kid, yeah. There's a problem with this, too, because the guy is gay, a gay adoption.

"This is why you haven't heard about it. This does not fit the template. A false charge of rape at Duke when you had the poor, black, down-on-her-luck dancer and the rich, white, lacrosse players, oh, that fit the template. They were guilty before any evidence. This you haven't heard about because this doesn't fit the template here of what we're trying to accomplish." [Referring to the mainstream media being complicit in the Gay Agenda.]

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From "Gay Episcopal Activist Arrested on Pedophile Charges He Molested Own Children" by David W. Virtue, 7/1/2009

A gay Episcopal activist who is a fan of New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson and a Duke University official has been charged in federal court with offering his 5-year-old adopted son up for sex.

When news of this story broke, VOL sent an e-mail to Robinson asking for clarification about his relationship with Lombard, but got no response. "It is reported that he is a fan of yours," VOL wrote to Robinson.

VOL phoned The Episcopal Church of The Advocate, a pro-gay "welcoming" parish located in Carrboro, North Carolina, where Lombard worships and sought comment from the rector, Lisa G. Fischbeck, a deputy to General Convention. She did not respond.

The diocese did (finally) release a statement with Bishop Michael B. Curry responding to the arrest of the Duke researcher, "Frank Lombard is a parishioner of a congregation in the diocese of North Carolina. It is the bishop's policy that in matters such as these, clergy will cooperate fully with law enforcement and allow the judicial process to run its course. In keeping with this same policy, clergy will not comment on investigations which are still in progress. The bishops and clergy of this diocese are committed to making certain that all of our churches remain safe places where all may worship and serve God. The Church is providing pastoral care and spiritual guidance for all parishioners who have been affected by this painful situation."

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