Saturday, July 04, 2009

Obama 'Stimulus' Funds Contraception Distribution Study

The so-called economic stimulus legislation is funding comparative studies on the effectiveness of health care options, which includes strategies of "over-the-counter access to oral contraceptives or other hormonal methods, expanding access to long-acting methods for young women, [and] providing free contraceptive methods at public clinics, pharmacies or other locations."

-- From "Panel Suggests U.S. Medical Priorities" by Barry Meier, New York Times 7/1/09

An influential scientific advisory panel has recommended that federal officials give top priority to comparing the effectiveness of competing medical strategies in areas that include treating prostate cancer, reducing hospital infections and lowering the rate of unwanted pregnancies.

In a highly anticipated report, released Tuesday morning, a panel assembled by the Institute of Medicine released a list of 100 health topics that it said should get high priority as the Obama administration proceeded with a plan to spend $1.1 billion in comparing the effectiveness of competing drugs, medical devices, operations and other treatments for specific health conditions.

Some of the panel’s recommendations also involved social or preventative issues that could generate controversy among industry or interest groups. For example, the panel . . . recommended research to determine the programs most effective in reducing unwanted pregnancies, including the free distribution of contraceptives.

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From "IOM Panel's Comparative Effectiveness Report Includes Pregnancy Prevention Measures" posted at Medical News Today 7/2/09

Harold Sox, co-chair of the IOM panel that wrote the report and the editor of the Annals of Internal Medicine, said that based on public comments, the panel decided it was important to include pregnancy prevention and other public health issues in its recommendations.

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