Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kansas City Council Condemns Christian Witness, Praises Homosexuality

Kansas City officials said Thursday that they would pull city support from a large spiritual conference planned at Bartle Hall this month . . . after Kansas City Council members expressed concern about a scheduled preacher who has condemned homosexuals.

-- From "City withdrawing its support from Bartle Hall spiritual conference" by Michael Mansur, The Kansas City Star 7/9/09

At the council’s business session, council member Deb Hermann said the conference would feature a speaker who has used hateful speech against the gay and lesbian community. The council later passed a resolution that condemned hateful, hurtful and harmful speech. It also recognized the gay and lesbian community.

David Park, acting director of neighborhoods and community services . . . said the event schedule showed worship services listed, which would appear to violate city requirements that the event organizers “provide no religious instruction or counseling, conduct no religious worship or services, engage in no religious proselytizing and exert no religious influence.”

Bishop Mark Tolbert, director of the Life Changers Conference, said . . . that the preacher in question, Prophet Todd Hall, would not be talking in Kansas City about homosexuality.

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