Friday, July 10, 2009

Abortionist Kills both Mother and Baby, Again -- Small Fine Imposed

Abortion practitioner Alberto Hodari, based in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, has been fined $10,000 by a state board in connection with a woman's botched abortion death. One of Hodari's staff did an abortion on Regina Johnson and, afterwards, suffered respiratory and cardiac arrest.

-- From "Abortion Practitioner Alberto Hodari Fined $10,000 For Woman's Abortion Death" by Steven Ertelt, Editor 7/3/09

Staff at Hodari's abortion center allegedly failed to help her or call for an ambulance and she was deprived of oxygen for an extended time. She died a short time later at Hodari's Womencare clinic in Lathrup Village.

Johnson's death is one of several women to have died over the years under Hodari's care.

At least two other women have also died from failed abortions at Hodari's abortion centers and many more have been injured.

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