Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can Encouraging Sexual Activity Result in Fewer Deaths of the Unborn?

Congress and the Obama administration will be considering new legislation that includes more money for teaching children how to have sex and use a variety of devices and medications to preclude discernible pregnancies -- all under the banner of reducing abortions.

Obviously, the liberals have recognized that Americans are predominantly pro-life, and so now the game is to fool the public into thinking that no lives are snuffed out by these so-called contraceptives.

-- From "Democratic Bill Could Be a Preview of Obama's Abortion Plan" by Dan Gilgoff, posted at U.S. News & World Report 7/23/09

Democratic Reps. Tim Ryan and Rosa DeLauro reintroduced their bill aimed at preventing unintended pregnancies and "reducing the need for abortion" today. This is big news because moderate to liberal faith-based advocates are urging the White House to adopt the bill—the Preventing Unintended Pregnancies, Reducing the Need for Abortion, and Supporting Parents Act—as the core of its forthcoming "common ground" plan on abortion and reproductive health.

Conservative religious groups, including the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Southern Baptist Convention, have warned the White House that the Ryan-DeLauro bill is a deal breaker for them, since the bill funds contraception and comprehensive sex education.

. . . the folks who've recently come out for Ryan-DeLauro include White House buds Rev. Joel Hunter, Rev. Jim Wallis, Faith in Public Life, and Third Way, not to mention abortion rights groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

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