Monday, October 13, 2008

First Graders' Field Trip to Lesbian Wedding

[From the file "Same-sex Marriage Won't Affect My Family."] This is what society looks like when sodomy is celebrated by government.

-- From "Class surprises lesbian teacher on wedding day" by Jill Tucker, San Fran. Chronicle Staff Writer, 10/11/08

A group of San Francisco first-graders took an unusual field trip to City Hall on Friday to toss rose petals on their just-married lesbian teacher - putting the public school children at the center of a fierce election battle over the fate of same-sex marriage.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, a friend of a friend, officiated.

A parent came up with the idea for the field trip - a surprise for the teacher on her wedding day.

"It really is what we call a teachable moment," [the school's interim director Liz] Jaroflow said, noting the historic significance of same-sex marriage and related civil rights issues. "I think I'm well within the parameters."

. . . The trip illustrates the message promoted by the [pro-family] campaign in recent days, namely that unless Prop. 8 passes on Nov. 4, children will learn about same-sex marriage in school.

The two [lesbians] said they have participated in the campaign against Proposition 8 and planned to travel around San Francisco on Friday afternoon in a motorized trolley car with "Just Married" and "Vote No on 8" banners.

Creative Arts administrators and parents acknowledged that the field trip might be controversial, but they didn't see the big deal. Same-sex marriage is legal, they noted.

"How many days in school are they going to remember?" asked parent Marc Lipsett. "This is a day they'll definitely remember."

Marriage, 6-year-old Nolan Alexander said Friday, is "people falling in love."

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