Saturday, October 25, 2008

Northern Calif. Students Buck College Trend on Marriage

Students at California's largest 2-year college vote to support student council on stand for traditional marriage, despite vocal homosexual advocates' leading

-- From "Recall Fails In Campus's Prop. 8 Fight" posted at KCRA TV-3 Sacramento 10/23/08

Nine student leaders who voted to support Proposition 8 won't lose their council seats [at American River College in Sacramento for their Sept. 30 vote to support traditional marriage.]

The leader's decision to endorse Prop. 8, a statewide ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage, caused 3,486 people to turn out and vote on the recall [of the student council].

Supporters of gay marriage responded by launching the recall effort, saying that their views were not properly represented.

Officials said the 3,486 people who turned out to vote on the recall on Tuesday and Wednesday is the largest in school history.

-- From "'Gay' advocates fail to unseat Christians" by Chelsea Schilling © 2008 WorldNetDaily 10/25/08

Councilman Vladimir Musorivschi said the vote reflected student support of traditional marriage.

"Our campus is made up of a fairly conservative, Christian student body," he said. "Our vote to endorse Prop 8 was simply a reflection of the attitude of the majority of our students."

Several of the students in the audience yelled profanities after the original endorsement. "Gay" advocates chanted "2,4,6,8 we are here to stop the hate; 2,4,6,8 we are here to stop Prop. 8!" and one held a sign that said, "Lesbians are My Posse!"

"They were cursing, 'F--- you!'" Popko said. "They were people who didn't support Prop. 8. They were disruptive, and they couldn't contain themselves, so they were escorted out of the building during the council meeting."

Councilwoman Veronika Vorobyov said she noticed hostility toward her because she supports the Marriage Protection Amendment.

"I'm very, very surprised that the recall election failed because it seemed like a lot of people really hated us and wanted us out of there," she said.

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