Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Designer Baby Production Now Science-Reality

Genetic testing . . . allows scientists to test embryos developed in the laboratory so that only "healthy" embryos are implanted into the womb, experts said at the National Press Club on Tuesday.

UPDATE 3/15/15: Secret Designer Babies via Gene-editing Science

-- From "Genetic Testing in a Petri Dish Could Eliminate 'Imperfect' Humans -- Before Implanting in Mom" by Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer, 10/29/08

"Pre-implantation" screening is done by egg fertilization in a Petri dish and then the embryos are screened so that those with genetic disorders can be eliminated, said panelist Sherri Bale, a medical geneticist and co-founder of GeneDx, a company that offers molecular diagnoses of hereditary disorders.

. . . Bale said. "We're going to test those embryos and we're going to find out which ones don't carry the mutation and those embryos can be implanted back into the mom and then she can have a baby that's virtually guaranteed not to have this disease."

When asked by whether genetic testing will allow parents to only have what they consider perfect children, panel members did not answer the question directly . . .

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