Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Supreme Court Allows Gay Agenda to Trump Parental Rights

The highest courts have ruled that same-sex 'marriage' in Massachusetts provides a legal route for indoctrination of homosexuality in kindergartners -- the case of David Parker.

The news story continues below this video of Mr. and Mrs. Parker telling their story.

-- From "Public school lawsuit runs out of federal appeals" by Ian B. Murphy, GateHouse News Service 10/7/08

Lexington — The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Parker v. Hurley Monday, upholding the dismissal by federal district and appellate courts of the parental-rights lawsuit originating in Lexington.

Parker v. Hurley concerned a parent’s right to exclude their children from discussions about homosexuality in elementary schools. It began in 2006 when two Lexington families objected to classroom materials that depicted same-sex marriages.

“This is a very important victory for not only Lexington but also the United States,” said Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash. “This case made clear that teachers should not fear being dragged into court for choosing important educational materials.”

With the nation’s highest court refusing to review the lawsuit, the case is effectively dead in federal court. The Parker and Wirthlin families may still bring the case to Massachusetts state court.

“We’re very disappointed that the Supreme Court has turned their backs on this parental rights issue,” said David Parker, the most vocal plaintiff in the lawsuit. “This clearly has national significance with profound consequences, and they’re ignoring it. We will look into [pursuing it in state court]. We will have further meetings with our attorneys and discuss that option.”

Parker said the judges who dismissed the suit at the district and appellate levels agreed that the intent on using the books in class was to change children’s minds about homosexuality. He said that with the Supreme Court decision, books will be used all over the country to do just that.

“Books and lessons will come into [schools] to have children affirm it,” Parker said. “They will be coerced to affirm the correctness and the normalcy of homosexuality, homosexual conduct, and gay marriage.”

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UPDATE 10/7/13 - What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts (video from Brian Camenker and MassResistance):