Saturday, August 02, 2008

U.N. Grants Status to Homosexual-Rights Groups

Opponents fear loss of sovereignty, ties to pedophilia advocates

-- From "U.N. grants status to homosexual-rights groups" by Matt Sanchez © 2008 WorldNetDaily 8/2/08

The U.N. recently accorded two homosexual-rights groups "consultative status," raising opposition from pro-family advocates who see the move as a weakening of national sovereignty that could result in lowering the age of consent for homosexual sex.

U.N. watchdogs also cite homosexual-rights groups' historical alignment with organizations advocating pedophilia.

The U.N.'s Economic and Social Council, the organ facilitating international cooperation on standards-making and problem-solving in economic and social issues, has accepted COC Netherlands and the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transexuals and Bisexuals of Spain.

But members of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute accuse homosexual groups of attempting to weaken sovereignty and impose "gay rights" through a "well-coordinated" international stealth campaign tainted by associations with pro-pedophilia groups.

. . . it's clear that none of the pedophile groups consider sex with a minor "abuse." On the NAMBLA [North American Man-Boy Love Association] website, the association calls itself a "voice testifying to the benevolent aspects of man/boy love."

. . . In Canada, Israel, the UK and Australia, homosexual activists consistently have pushed for lowering age of consent laws, to align the homosexual age for consensual sex with that of heterosexuals.

International advocacy coupled with local activism could pressure governments to lower the age.

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