Monday, August 18, 2008

Righting America: The Call to Christians

". . . the problems that this country has are with us, who claim we know the Lord but have not lived it, and we've not been as faithful," [Mike] Huckabee told the crowd. "So, repentance and revival cannot start in the [U.S. Capitol] building behind me until it starts in the temple inside me."

-- From "Evangelicals gather in the nation's capital" From CNN's Kate Bolduan and Eric Marrapodi 8/16/08

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Evangelicals from across the country gathered by the thousands on the National Mall in Washington Saturday in support of returning to core Evangelical issues — but also addressing some political ones.

The event was organized by a religious group known as "The Call." It was described as a time for prayer and fasting. But some participants talked politics as well.

"Those issues have historically not been political, they have been made political. When court imposed abortion, it became a political issue. When courts impose same sex marriage, it becomes a political issue, but those were issues within the realm of the church for years. They become political issues only in terms of how they are being discussed today," Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, told CNN.

Mike Huckabee, former GOP presidential candidate, former Arkansas governor and an ordained Baptist minister, made an appearance, telling the crowd he was appearing as a pastor, not a politician.

-- From "America Needs New ‘Great Awakening,’ Huckabee and Evangelicals Say" by Kevin Mooney, Staff Writer 8/17/08

Huckabee, a former Republican contender for the presidential nomination, said the “Great Awakening” is needed to help revitalize the nation’s founding principles and cultural standing so that innocent life can be spared.

He told reporters that, in many respects, the notion of “inalienable rights,” as expressed by Thomas Jefferson, is just as radical now as it was in the founding period and must be vigorously defended – especially the right to life.

“Every single life has intrinsic worth and value,” Huckabee said. “No human life is worth more than another and no human life is worth less than another. If we truly believe that, then we have to stand up unapologetically for life against this wholesale destruction.”

The success or failure of the pro-life cause is directly tied to the spiritual health and well-being of American civilization, Huckabee said.

“We should never forget that the manner in which we treat others is the manner in which we invite others to treat us,” he continued. “If we are a society that makes it OK to slaughter innocent life and vulnerable life we are in essence inviting others to feel that way toward us. That’s why this issue has never been a political one for me.”

The separation that exists now between contemporary Americans and the Founding Fathers can be traced in large part to judicial activism and historical revision, Huckabee said in response to a question from

Out of the 56 signers to the Declaration of Independence, 26 had biblical or seminary degrees, Huckabee pointed out. This simple fact is routinely overlooked in educational institutions, he lamented.

“Go down to the Mall and look at any of the monuments and you will see that they [the Founders] often spoke of providence,” he said. “There has been a rewriting of history to pretend this isn’t true.”

The cross-denominational assembly scheduled to take place Saturday on the National Mall should not be viewed as a political event, Huckabee observed.

Instead, he said, it is intended to “transcend political ideology” and to raise awareness about issues of life and death that will impact the long-term health of American culture.

Bishop Harry Jackson, meanwhile, said the country is “on the verge of tremendous problems” if certain cultural trends are not reversed.

Jackson also told that the partnership between evangelicals and Roman Catholics on pro-life issues and other cultural questions is critically important and will figure prominently in the years ahead.

“We would not have as much strength, force and vitality without Roman Catholics,” he said.

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