Thursday, August 14, 2008

47% of Americans Favor Bureaucrats Dictating Media Content

Most liberals prefer government control of information over free flow; Internet freedom threatened

-- From "Nearly half of Americans favor 'Fairness Doctrine'" © 2008 WorldNetDaily 8/14/08

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Just under half of Americans believe the government should mandate that all radio and television stations offer equal amounts of "conservative" and "liberal" political commentary, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

Rasmussen noted Republicans have expressed alarm in recent months over congressional Democratic efforts to restore the so-called Fairness Doctrine. The law was abolished in 1987, during the Reagan administration, opening the door to development of a flourishing talk-radio market led by Rush Limbaugh.

The poll also touched on regulation of the Internet, revealing 31 percent believe websites should be forced to balance their commentary.

This week, Rasmussen noted, Robert McDowell, a Bush appointee to the Federal Communications Commission, suggested restoration of the Fairness Doctrine could lead to government regulation of content on the Internet.

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