Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hallmark Cards Accommodate Same-sex 'Marriage'

Hallmark's largest competitor, American Greetings Corp., has no plans to enter the market . . .

-- From "Now on the Hallmark aisle: Gay marriage cards" by Sarah Skidmore, AP Business Writer 8/21/08

PORTLAND, Ore. – Most states don't recognize gay marriage — but now Hallmark does.

The nation's largest greeting card company is rolling out same-sex wedding cards — featuring two tuxedos, overlapping hearts or intertwined flowers, with best wishes inside. "Two hearts. One promise," one says.

Hallmark added the cards after California joined Massachusetts as the only U.S. states with legal gay marriage. A handful of other states have recognized same-sex civil unions.

The language inside the cards is neutral, with no mention of wedding or marriage, making them also suitable for a commitment ceremony. Hallmark says the move is a response to consumer demand, not any political pressure. [Oh, give me a break!! With less than 1% of 'couples' being homosexual, this statement is simply a lie.]

Hallmark started offering "coming out" cards last year, and the four designs of same-sex marriage cards are being gradually released this summer and will be widely available by next year. No sales figures were available yet.

The Greeting Card Association, a trade group, says it does not track how many companies provide same-sex cards but believes the number is expanding.

"The fact that you have someone like Hallmark going into that niche shows it's growing and signals a trend," said Barbara Miller, a spokeswoman for the association.

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