Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speaker of House Confused on her Religious Beliefs

[Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco], a Catholic who supports abortion rights, said that the question of when life begins has been a subject of controversy in the church and that over the centuries, "the doctors of the church have not been able to make that definition."

-- From "Archbishop Disputes Pelosi's Statements; Abortion Comments Spur Swift Denial" by Jacqueline L. Salmon, Washington Post Staff Writer 8/27/08

Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl and several other U.S. bishops are disputing statements by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a "Meet the Press" appearance about the Catholic Church's teachings on abortion. They say she misrepresented the church's longstanding opposition to the procedure and twisted some church teachings.

"Abortion is evil," Wuerl said in an interview yesterday. "It's the destruction of a human life . . . this teaching has not changed and remains unchanged."

Wuerl's objections were echoed by two representatives from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as well as by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver, where the Democratic National Convention is being held. Pelosi's speech to the convention Monday made no mention of abortion.

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