Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Planned Parenthood Teaches Kids: Abstinence = Masturbation

The latest assault on children is a new website from Planned Parenthood called

UPDATE 12/16/11: Planned Parenthood Lures Teen clients via Texting

-- From the Family Research Council 7/31/08

WARNING: This item contains shocking and graphic content funded by your tax dollars.

Given the recent allegations against Planned Parenthood, one would think the organization would play it safe over the next few months and try to exercise some restraint. But the plan to stay under the media's radar is failing dismally in Oregon and Washington, where the local affiliate is making a full-scale assault on the morality of the states' young people.

On its new website,, the group posts a series of videos so revolting that members of my staff were visibly shaken. In one clip, a girl tells her friends that she's staying home from a party to masturbate. When her pals look shocked, she says, "What? I like me. I like spending time with me. Tonight I think I'm going to go all the way with me." On another video, a "teacher" interrupts a boy performing oral sex on another boy and asks them where their condoms are. Others include videos called "Threesome" and "Let me do me," and a song about genitalia that reaches a level of vulgarity that would give even crude networks like MTV pause.

This site is nothing more than an online playground for the prurient. The screen promises "the ins and outs about the ins and outs," but the material is highly inappropriate for adults, let alone young children. Sadly, most parents are unaware that garbage like this is targeting their kids, and even fewer realize that they're paying for it! The website is a project of Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette, a Title X grantee. This is exactly why FRC has prodded President Bush to change the government's Title X regulations. Each year, Planned Parenthood pockets more than $300 million of your tax dollars. One way to de-fund the group responsible for obscene material like this is to end the meshing of Title X "family planning" funds with abortion mills.

CLICK HERE, IL residents, to E-mail your congressman: de-fund Planned Parenthood

This latest website, as well as its long-standing, demonstrate that Planned Parenthood (and the public school establishment) believe that children can only be reached via crude, gutter language and pornographic images.